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  1. OC out front 5:30-8:30a, top of high into outgoing. SSW wind that leased over the session. No white water/very few breakers to start and picked up over time. Water hazy. Threw light and dark savage gear eels. Nada. Based on all the talk here, tried bugs as they were plentiful. Took a bit to get used too. Nothing desirable but did land a sand shark. Crappy way to keep the skunk away
  2. Thanks @nam1969 @MC55 for the support AND to @SIC34 for the feedback. No offense taken on the method. Agree, keeping fish in the water or out for a short as possible is best practice. I can attest she swam away relieved.
  3. @nam1969u r a voice of wisdom. ran out at dead low between meetings and realized working north looked better then south (which i typically do) based on pools and cuts. Got out early to hit incoming (5-7) and stuck with the paddletail. Voila, the bass skunk is dead. Won't win any prizes but happy to finally land some stripes. And to get it in before the rain a bonus. Thank you for the insights. Much appreciated.
  4. Thanks. Appreciate the insights. I am learning my beach/walkable area and finding the structure differences. Next layer for me is working tides relative when i can actual get out and fish, which is typically pre 8a and post 6p (around work; sound familiar anyone?). Also chatting with a couple of guys i see regularity and am incredibly appreciative of how helpful and open they are. Really great community. Just like this forum. I'm in this for long haul and get it, old dog needs to learn new tricks!
  5. thanks @bdowning and @MarkG
  6. Frustrated newbie. Outfront OC just now 6:45-8. light wind, white water and strong breakers yet long period between sets so also relatively flat water to work. fog rolling in. i know there's bars/structure since i see at low tide (near top of incoming now, I think). sporadic bait fish jumping no more than 10 feet in so something must be feeding. still on the skunk for bass. Not a bump. i worked about 100 yds of beach. i threw white on white bucktail/otter, black/silver mullet paddletail, white/fleck eel paddletail, sp minnow (i think? swimmer; blue/silver) and even cordel pencil. Maybe too much variety/not enough time on each? gave each at least 10 casts.
  7. OC out front 6-8 this am. Nice breakers but no signs of bait fish and minimal birds. One fluke dropped off a bucktail coming up the lip. Would have been rewarding had I not been targeting stripers
  8. New to surf and Supreme my first bag, over shoulder. about a dozen uses this spring. Light, like the size and likewise, separated the two 4 tube holders to make room for leader, soft baits, etc.. Also agree the zelco is robust and can make a little tough to open but I"m a rookie. Zero regrets and will see how it holds up
  9. the bar. at least they may have Goldfish
  10. Out front OC last evening 7:30-9. Skunk. This morning 5:30-7:30. Beautiful conditions. Perfect morning. Second cast, had one chase my orange/yellow popper and had HIGH hopes. It was the excitement before the disappointment. Only thing I caught were my fingers. Signs of life with bait boiling and dolphin working, but too far our despite favorable wind.
  11. add another skunk to this morning out front in OC. Heading back out shortly for more pleasurable punishment
  12. Out front in north OC 6-8 this morning. The positives: relatively calm, clear sky, helping breeze so casting a mile, lots of life: multiple sets of dolphin working north, many birds working and lots of bunker that were juuuuusssst reachable. Downside: one snagged bunker and a dropped fish (guessing a bunker or small blue).
  13. Lived in Dublin for 8 months and got hooked. For base Jameson price point, I second the Powers suggestion. Teeling also. But if you are staying at this price point, come home to bourbon. Many more offerings, such as Buffalo Trace, at very reasonable prices. For really great Irish product, a few more $ should be spent. 15yr Red Breast, Yellow Spot, Middletons Very Rare. A sleeper is Glendalough. All ages good but the 13 in mizunara casks phenomenal.
  14. And no, that is not a spot burn since you need to CATCH a fish for it to be a spot!
  15. West side in the back. Hit four spots before noon and two between 2 and 6. All flavors of artificials and not a bump to be had. Didn’t see anyone picking up either. Worth every minute though on a day like today