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  1. Rad
  2. I have driven to Drakes Bay from San Jose a few times in the late 90's. So it can be done. I went on google *
  4. If you use gulp worm with the tube is this an issue?
  5. Most people don't get much more than a sore arm with first vaccine. The second seems to be the issue. Many people are getting flu like symptoms lasting up to 4 days. My daughter who is a physician thinks that is a good sign as shows that your immune system is fight the virus. She says that elderly patients are less likely to have side effects because there immune system is not as strong
  6. good luck
  7. By the summer things should be close to normal.
  8. Jamaica Bay
  9. Princess Bride
  10. I have the Stradic 4000 and love it.
  11. One rod/reel setup everything else makes it difficult at this age
  12. My wife and I are getting it in the morning.
  13. It's all about balance. The issue is the balance varies depending on your partners needs.
  14. Berkley X9. Use it on all my rods
  15. I've had good luck with otter tails.