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  1. I was at the lower Mystic yesterday, saw some busting from cormorants but yeah not anything crazy yet
  2. Yeah fair enough, it seems like a great way for tackle shop owners to boost business but I thought I’d share
  3. Trout or LMBs honestly sounds like the better bet
  4. Onthewater has a recent report, apparently haddock are plentiful and big this year
  5. I'm in!
  6. Tried a beach and tidal flat east of Falmouth Monday, mostly for a scouting mission but I did have one decent bite during an incoming tide of all things, but missed it. Using a very small soft plastic. Went out on a jetty and during the incoming there were MASSIVE bunker around, which was surprising.
  8. Yeah if we stop eating fish entirely, where will the ~3 billion people whose protein comes primarily from seafood get their nutrition? The argument that you cannot fish sustainably is total horsesh*t, and the fact that they're using old debunked stats (like no more fish by 2048) tells you everything you need to know about their agenda. Sadly, while this documentary got people talking about real issues, it also resulted in people parroting these false talking points, and myself as well as others working in fisheries have been trying to give the more nuanced picture, but that doesn't sell. The message should be to educate yourself on what you're buying, how it was caught, and where it came from. Consumers do have power, believe it or not.
  9. Moonlight Dreadnaught may be the coolest lure name ever, but it definitely needs a couple more trebles...
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a rod to pair with a saltiga 14k to use in the canal primarily for stickbaits and poppers. I already have a jigging rod, so I'm looking for a dedicated rod for this purpose, and to that end I'm looking at your Cape Cod Special and Striped Bass Special rods. Could you recommend a model that can handle heavier plugs but still has some softness in the tip to work stickbaits? I would also prefer something in the 9-10' range so I can sweep the rod tip without too much trouble. Thank you!
  11. I'm in! Looking to fill the plug bag now that I fully caught the bug last season, good luck everyone!
  12. That's good to know! I appreciate the information. And yeah, I think I'll save up a little extra just so I can support my local guys (Tomo's)
  13. Man I'm sad to hear about the JDM 2020 Saltiga not being covered. I saw it for $870 on Digitaka and was so ready to pull the trigger on the 14000XH, but I might wait until I get a clearer picture of servicing costs
  14. Matty is the best, I watch him, the Morningtide guys (Briggsy, Brooksy, Cavy), and RokkitKit to name a few. Those Aussies are fishy dudes
  15. I love fish!