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  1. Bucktails and spooks have been super productive daytime plugs for me this spring
  2. Fished a south shore bay last night, was getting taps all night but lost all the fish I hooked for the first few hours. Then the tide moved enough to form a nice rip where I was and I had about an hour of steady action, all 26-28" but some FAT ones, really happy to see lots of healthy schoolies this May. Found them with SPs but did the most damage on gliders. Going back tonight and probably Sunday for the eclipse bite
  3. Black Hole Cape Cod Special Striper Surf 96
  4. Black Hole also has a 9’6” 2-5 (more like 1-5 IMO) I like for plugs that are worked with the rod parallel to the water’s surface like spooks since it’s less tiring than doing so with anything longer. It’s my favorite all around rod at this point
  5. From what I've read, it's actually a few factors. First is it creates a densely foliated habitat that is very humid and protected, something ticks like in the winter (they can't survive below 80% humidity for long periods of time). The bushes also create a nice habitat for the mice that ticks infect. Deer also won't eat this bush, but will eat surrounding plants allowing the invasive bushes to spread. On top of this the Barberry will change soil chemistry to discourage native plants from retaking the area. This study found that the more Japanese Barberry there was on a plot, the more Lyme-carrying ticks there were. Ticks are such a concern since I moved to MA. Back in OH I spent every day running around the woods and never found a single one on me. Here in MA I had a tick on me in February! It's craziness
  6. Found a nice patch of morels, score!
  7. Something else I’ve learned is the invasive Japanese Barberry bush creates a really nice overwintering habitat for ticks. Remove those from your property if you have any, my close friend had a bunch and found ticks on her kids constantly. She’s removed the bushes, bought chickens, and uses permethrin and boom no more ticks!
  8. Found a nice school of 26-28” stripers with some going closer to 31” in a south cape salt pond on Thursday. Once the wind out of the north died as the tide came in it was game on, was sight casting them with top water on a shallow flat. Worth skipping work for sure but had to leave them biting
  9. Otter tail split tail, they seem to hold up well so far
  10. I wan't aware of that, I thought all harvest of river herring was prohibited. I just looked into it more and you're right that tribal groups may harvest, please excuse my ignorance
  11. On a more positive note I just received an email from the Mystic River Watershed Association and they've kicked off their herring counting for this year. ~4.8k so far
  12. Went and fished next to the herring run at the canal the other day. Saw plenty of herring, but unfortunately there were at least 2 groups of people netting herring from the run and live-lining them in the canal. Seemed like everyone I saw was using ultralight gear and 2500 size reels, thought I was taking crazy pills. EPOs were called but after an hour of waiting I had to leave and never heard if they busted them or not.
  13. Got my first 7 fish of the year working bucktails in a south shore bay, outgoing tide. Been fishing for a few weeks now but felt so good to finally feel some thumps
  14. Thanks for the write-up! Apologies if it's been discussed elsewhere, but how does this response compare to prior years? Was this the biggest response in terms of written letters for a striped bass amendment?
  15. They already have, they were following me all day out on the outer cape last season and they weren't following any other beach-goers