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  1. Prican, you should have received your lures today. I think everyone else did... I did not do the best on the shipping but I learned quite a bit in the process. Thanks...
  2. The Riptide Plastics I have are back up for grabs. I never received cash for them and they are in a bag and ready to go. I have 22+ bags at 1$ a bag and have some of the swim shads also at 2$ a bag. Here is the next lot up for grabs.... 2 crystal minnows --- New but not in package. 2 daiwa Saltiga jerks/Sliders... These run about $20-30 each and are through wired. 2 Yozuri mag Jerks 4 inch new 1 Yozuri Tobimaru Orange head, chart. back white belly new 1 Daiwa Saltiga minnow 1 Large 5" Yozuri Mag new $60
  3. Ok guys, everything has been shipped. SOrry for taking so long to reply but we got a virus on the computer and had a wheel bearing go out on the truck. I still have quite a few jerks left and will post a few more lots here tomorrow. Thanks guys and sorry for taking so long....
  4. Ok guys.. I had no idea that everyone on the east coast are jerkbait fiends...lol I also had no clue as to what I was getting myself into when I decided to organize my reloading room, garage and boat. I have fishing crap all over the house right now, trying to also organize for my striper fishing trip tomorrow at lake Tawakoni. So, the first two lots I posted are sold. The darters are not sold yet and are still up for grabs, at least I think they are. I have had a few people contact me on them but not sure if someone claimed them. Once I decide how many of each jerkbait I have, I will post up some more lots of Yozuri jerks. I have around another 80+ yozuri's but not all are the mags. Lots of them are the 1 oz jerkbait. Thanks guys........
  5. No, heads are .20 each. There are 60 in a box... I only have four boxes that I have found so far. I am doing some early spring cleaning and organizing of the boat, reloading room and the garage.. I had no clue as to what I was getting myself into.
  6. Name a decent price on the darters and they are yours. These are the larger darters that usually run about 16.99. How does 20$ for both sound? To much? They are new. No rust no nothing, just don't have the box to them. They have been in a tackle box in my reloading room
  7. One more thing that can happen with the curado is dirt or sand getting into the groove that the push button slides down. It makes it hard to push the button sometimes but that can be cleaned out. For a long day of fishing, I feel that low profile is the only way to go. We spend 8 hours at a time sometimes three and four days a week casting 1+oz lures on 7ft6 rods and low profile is a must. We just take our reels home and wash them in freshwater.
  8. U guys use darters? I have two new darters also. I will not use them and they too are up for grabs... THanks
  9. Ok guys, this is the next lot of lures. Two Yozuri mags 1 5/8 oz and 1 1 oz, 1 river 2 sea I believe is 1 oz, and the 1 oz floating Yozuri 6"long. Not sure on the exact weight of the floating yozuri. It is the larger yozuri. I figure half price for new lures isn't bad. If price is to high, let me know... All are new and I guess the asking price is????? $35?
  10. I have heads from 1/2 oz to 1 oz. Not sure on hook size, that is why I posted the photo of the assassin with the head.
  11. Paypal works. I will PM you my Paypal address and will set your lures aside. I will post more jerks with prices and pics...
  12. I only use low profile reels and I would say that most Texas surf and jetty fisherman use low profile reels when tossing plugs. The low profile reel is easy to hold and cast all day long. I have used them all and have owned them all. The shimano line is by far the best, no comparison. I will list issues with each reel. The Abu revo series has a few issues and the biggest issue is the bearings used in them suck!!!!! I believe the bearings are made in korea and are shielded but they still suck.. Of course, that is not that big of an issue do to the fact that you can replace them. I have had to change out the bearings on two revos. The drags on them are great and I like how they cast. If not for the bearings, I would say that the reel is top notch!!! The Quantum reels are somewhat nice with good bearings but the spools tend to over-run fairly easily when casting and I have yet to find any of the quantum bait casters with decent line capacity and strong drag. The spool over runs are not bad on me but when beginners or friends are using them, this becomes an issue. Quantums are just not up to par with daiwa and shimano..... They also have weak drags.... Their spinning reel drags rock but the drags in the low profile reels are the pits... The shimano reels are nice. I prefer the older aluminum model vs. the new plastic model but they are all nice and all have a good frame. I personally use a chronarch when targeting fish under 20lbs but when looking for the big boys or there are jacks around, I usually pick up the 300 curado. I have stripped out a few curados but that is after catching hundreds of reds over 40" inches without servicing my reels. Somedays we will land upwards of 20+ GIANT reds per person on these reels. The curado can take abuse and you do not even need to thumb it when casting. The casting break system shimano uses is awesome. I get sand in my reels all the time and never have issues. The only issue that I get is when I get sand on the worm gear. I hate the sound it makes........ By the way, we have caught tuna on low profile reels and it is not recommended. MAJOR ARSE kicking........ I was so tired I laid on the deck for about 20 minutes.....lol Here is a buddy of mine 30 minutes into a fight with a 49" inch red. I took the photo thinking he would tell me he was tired but he gave me the thumbs up and continued the fight. The light reel and rod made the fight bearable. After we realized there was nothing but giant bulls feeding, we switched to the heavier gear... Bulls tend to dive and stay on the bottom when in the channel and the little rod makes it tough to pull them off.
  13. I also have quite a few new yozuri mags in the brown and gold and orange and gold but not at 1$ each. Have quite a few new but older River 2 Sea Jerks also. Not sure on pricing on them but as stated, I have hundreds of jerks. We use the jerkbaits down south for surf run specks, landlocked stripes, blues, reds, you name it.... This is the River2Sea...
  14. I have four different types of riptide plastics. I was sponsored by them a while back and am no longer. Therefor, I am using another companies products. I have the riptide curtailer, conley grub. 4" mullet and big swim shad. Asking 1$ per pack on the curtailer and conley and 2$ for the Big swim shad. Also have a ton of new jigheads. These are from a bulk package I got a few years ago. Probably have 300 or more. Asking .25 each have them in round head and the flathead.
  15. How about 9$ shipped and I will throw in another jerk. I think I can ship for around 2$ or less. I hope...... I just need all the extra jerks gone. I have literally hundreds of them.....
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