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  1. what beach, obviously well known so no spot burn
  2. Was it determined to be under its own sail power at all, for 11 mil you would think it could
  3. there's a bunch of sheeple all over the east end in the heat waiting for it to come thru walked the dog earlier , now there's no parking, traffic, stay away
  4. loved when a reporter asks one of the mob bosses a question as he comes out of the court house, his answer, "go **** yourself" LOL
  5. the Slough House series, by Mick Herron, washed up Brit spies, funny sh*t
  6. your wife goes through you? a real wife says "I'm getting central air" period.
  7. i c aught my first canal fish of the year Mon a.m., a real whopper
  8. mine is 23, so "you're on a diet Quinn " I on the other hand am big boned
  9. wait, people are angry, what could possibly the problem be ? everything is just honky dory with the world
  10. we need rain so, there probably won’t be any, word
  11. Sto rm peters out after finding out it’s name
  12. This weighs ?
  13. helpful, nice
  14. I thought so from the rocks, the sand and is that Saquish out there
  15. pogies, snag one, leave on and get ready
  16. Plymouth?
  17. Swimming in wet suits on east coast
  18. what's an Iowa tornado and a Maine divorce got in common ? In both of them you're gonna lose your double wide! ba da boom!
  19. you would be using iOS with an iphone, with the imac you used to be able to select a photo using the choose files here and the pic would post, now if you choose files it comes as a file #, doh, and not the pic , now , not that many but me care, you have to get photos up split screen with SOL and slide the pic over, ha
  20. something has changed posting photos with an iMac and apple photos, trying to figure out here, green heron fishing
  21. I think the iPhone is fine, it’s the iMac and Apple photos app that has changed, iPhone and iMac have different operating systems, iOS vs macOS
  22. not knowing all the details, off the top of my head, it sounds cheap enuf (not in the business)