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  1. Will be given at Gillette stadium starting tomorrow for first responders and at some point us old farts but who wants to travel there , what the hell
  2. I think drs, nurses, techs etc after being on the front lines have reason to be more cautious from what they’ve seen plus they have access to masks that actually work
  3. Short answer no, no fish, don’t know why there’d be crowds
  4. Medical offices and certain group meeting halls requiring them , sandwich shops, voluntary , most don’t wear them
  5. Saw someone selling tuna rigs out of his truck but was legit it appeared
  6. What hood?, bikes and kayaks are valuable, pro thieves must be about
  7. soft shells 7.77 lb advertised at Fishermans Market New Beige
  8. on a side note the city of Berkeley decided all catered city events will now be strictly vegan, how Berkeley of them
  9. fake news
  10. sounds like Mick and his fellow Aussies are going nuts about being locked down again, stay home Mick
  11. does that include yourself
  12. one 40 " fish on the rocks, unknown how it got there, equates to everyone that fishes the canal is a doosh
  13. The east end has been FAC all season so far, no fish for the most part will do that
  14. Fat boy does a lot of yelling after other guy is on his way
  15. the next video on YouTube after the fat guy one was awesome
  16. I don’t see any bent rods in that pic
  17. common to see seals in the canal now with or without fish in their mouths
  18. There’s a catch 22 for some, if you make over a certain amount, not sure what, you may be owing some or allof the money back to the irs, article in WSJ
  19. I think the “stool sample” comment sealed the deal, “DENIED”
  20. One came to my house posing as a solar panel salesman, screw
  21. Tell the feds bleep you I’m a sovereign citizen, bleep your ID
  22. how'd it go, are you like mr big now