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  1. 2 hours ago, Joe G said:

    I did more snooping around and the word has it Treehouse is currently in “negotiation to purchase a large parking field within walking distance of the brewery”.  Notice the choice of words…..purchase, walking distance and  field.  Interesting.

    Occupancy permit allows for 250 indoor seats and another 250 outdoors……for a total of 500, indoors and outdoors.    So…… figure a parking area capable of holding say 200-300 vehicles.


    The shuttle will run between the parking facility and the brewery. 

    The beauty of this operation is that Treehouse is able to control its customer flow.  Ingenious. 

    Considering all that, and referencing a map, you can get a good idea where the parking area will be.





    Where do you figure, the piece on Tupper rd beside the cc5 driveway ?

  2. My son is a serious vinyl collector/ buyer , seller, trader, he tells me he just sold one record to someone in Japan for 2 gs and one to someone in Denmark for 1300, he had paid 75 cents for one and 2 bucks for the other, extremely rare copies in both cases obviously, and he has over two thousand in his collection. He didn’t tell me the titles so couldn’t tel you. There are web sites out there for the dealing.

  3. Sandwich Enterprise , May 21, 2021

    Address Neighbors Concerns

     Much like their beers, Tree House Brewery's plans for their Sandwich location are all hype with no substance.Though given every opportunity, Tree House has failed to address very specific concerns from Sandwich residents, instead opting to flaunt their financial power and send high-powered lawyers to talk down to and intimidate residents.

     Though the company is frequently self-congratulating on social media about their supposed ideals and morals that put emphasis on the community and environment, Tree House is missing the perfect opportunity to actually display these ideals and morals instead of just talking about them on the internet.

     This should come as no surprise to those in the craft beer community or those who follow Tree House Brewery. The true power and mystique behind Tree House is not their beers are the best in the world; they're not. Tree Houses appeal mainly comes from self generated hype that is able to tap into a grown man's fear of missing out, just like a child obsessed with collecting every single Pokemon. Today alone, on their Twitter account Tree House has described their beers as "impeccable, "smoking and "electric".

     Unlike true artists of any type, Tree House is unable to let its "art" rely on its own merits, probably because it can't. Tree House's beers are famous for, well, not tasting like beer. They pioneered an IPA that is often high in alcohol and according to their own descriptions taste like fruit juice and candy. Their stouts are also well known for having fruity pebbles and all other sorts of wacky ingredients. But, much like Bud light, the main appeal of these hazy IPAs are that they don't taste like real beer, you can put them back all day and they'll get you good and buzzed-but they have the added benefit of making you look super cool on Instagram.

     Tree House and Sandwich, should know better. The brewery angered neighbors with its large crowds of inconsiderate man-children at its two previous locations, as well as its current location in Charlton. Though the parking lot in Charlton is many magnitudes bigger than the 17- parking spot location in Sandwich, there are still entireFacebook groups dedicated to getting daily "line updates" as the masses wait hours for Tree House's newest magic juice beer, which is somehow the slightest bit different from the past 100 variations.

     Or perhaps they need to collect the same beer, but with its new special magic "proper can." To act like17 parking spots can accommodate the ongoing "Tickle Me Elmo"-style obsession with Tree House is laughable, and of course, they know that, but they don't care. They will handle it like they do everything else, by being intentionally vague and noncommittal , all the while using nice, fancy pretty words to hide the fact that they aren't actually addressing the problem.

     If Tree House is who they say they are, then they would welcome the opportunity to personally address the concerns of the residents of Sandwich, point by point, specifically, with no frills or window dressing. Until then, they are just pretenders capitalizing on the latest craze at the towns expense. 

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