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  1. Now there’s one going the other way? Come on Labor Day !
  2. The damn whistle on the thing wakes the dog and everyone in the county up
  3. I hope this enterprise is run better than the Red Line
  4. RIP, hated by lefties
  5. oysters, the new contraband, nothing off limits that has value I guess
  6. this is odd big Dif 4k or 100k
  7. or NFL survivor pool as known historically on SOL
  8. I’m in for two slots
  9. You is a enginear, yoo got this
  10. power down the phone completely and then power up, see what happens
  11. Lol
  12. my son and daughter in law and three kids went and rented an RV they had an awesome trip except when you asked the 13 ? yo girl what was the best part of the trip, she says the plane ride home, lol
  13. Was it determined if the oysters came from one of the units they are grown in or more than one, was the unit itself taken or just the contents, are they locked in any way? I don’t imagine they will be returned under the know questions asked option, seriously ?
  14. I believe Pete was trying to say Epedostein apparently he weaved a noose out of his orange jump suit and hog tied himself ? splain please warden
  15. Who knew Mexican bars in SC?
  16. another proof the world has gone mad
  17. I had 4 lbs of filets, how much do you think the ungutted rack weighed
  18. It was still barely alive, gill hooked catch and release by someone
  19. on a lighter note, salvaged about a 14lb floater from the canal
  20. 26% from MA quota site
  21. Have seen them caught with a cast net, if you are good with a net and the schools are big enuf it can be done
  22. Buying a house, losing weight, You know what’s next....cougar circling !
  23. RIP, much too young but OD is everywhere
  24. The great white plate would have sold mega if they showed one chomping a seal
  25. HK

    This bleep would be straightened out if Bruce Lee were alive