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  1. Rut rho, Fins ahead
  2. I'm taking Buffalo Bills WEEK 7 IN 1. Gobigblue-Baltimore,New England,Dallas, Chargers, E.A.G.L.E.S., Green Bay 2. BillHassan- Baltimore , New England, Dallas, Chargers,Eagles, Redskins, K.C. 3. capequahog -Seattle, Baltimore, Dallas, Chargers, ,Patriots ,Green Bay ,Buffalo 4. plumfishing #2 - Kansas City, Baltimore ,Rams, Chargers,New England, Green Bay OUT fishless- Dallas, Baltimore, San Fran, Los Angeles Chargers, Philadelphia, K.C jbaer #2 - Seattle, Kansas City, NewEngland ,Chargers, Eagles, Dallas ktug - Seattle, Baltimore, SF, LA Chargers, New England, Dallas
  3. Ok
  4. still plenty of games left for a round 2, I was going to post this if Green Bay lost but thought I'd post it anyway I will run it post here if you want in I'm in
  5. LBI, fishless and brokenhook , see your PayPal’s
  6. 9 ins now, also please include your sol name with PayPal
  7. how does the VA medical compare to the regular over 65 medicare or do you have to use the VA ?
  8. Yes
  9. 7 in so far, same 20 balloons, PayPal is, we will start next week, week 8
  10. if we get enuf players we can start week 8 I'm thinking
  11. We lucked out tonight boys with the two hands to the face calls
  12. Redskins squeak, Jets leading boys, kC fails
  13. Green Bay
  14. Nothing is easy, went to Stop and Shop first, we “ don’t have the over 65 one, should have it next week” ... ok, go to CVS, we don’t have the whatever one, give me what u got...clerk 1, insurance not taking, nurse needle person, not working, head drug lady, ok good to go, so I guess I have the this might work version plus I didn’t feel a damn thing when she sposedly stabbed me ?
  15. Teleportation, er um, like on Star Trek
  16. belmo could probably custom build you one
  17. start a round 2, all new round, what I used to do in the past, anyone can play I'd be in
  18. this guy runs down a mean chipmunk, squirrel or rabbit, and lets them all win so no fuss with the kill
  19. taking the Pats, will copy and paste later
  20. Why would anyone do that
  21. ha, ha, there you go !
  22. watched it, the dude that was saved is possibly luckiest man ever, had God on his side or the whole thing was fake !
  23. Wind farms
  24. Out of the work force ? Since 2002, what’s an intervue? The middle of the hiway