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  1. woman picked him up videos *
  2. I know if you get the booster CVS wanted to see the card to put the booster on it
  3. Have you seen the tic tic ? Videos from the chick that picked him up hitchhiking, he was acting all strange, go figure
  4. All the best John’O
  5. Utah cops were called about incident about the couple by a third party, cops didn't find any justification for arrest
  6. Just watching the score KC apparently has no defense
  7. Taking KC
  8. Same here
  9. DOH!
  10. where are we at, season starts tmrw night ?
  11. In
  12. we should have been there yesterday
  13. “Er um don’t know how that boat got there occifer “
  14. Yup, “hell no and no” ?
  15. so not vaxed?
  16. best of outcome soon we pray Steve
  17. Comcast bill is redonkulous
  18. A shiteload of rain here in Sandwich ,some in the cellar (another story), but the ground sucked it up, huge pond, in an area, in short order
  19. If the 50 billion and 3 million #s are correct you’re right
  20. by ocean do you mean the whole planet ocean, I don't believe question is relevant to eel grass
  21. 3 million =.006% of 50 billion
  22. Thread needs voice posting option , Tim get on that please
  23. Had moderna no side affects just sore jab area
  24. Will be given at Gillette stadium starting tomorrow for first responders and at some point us old farts but who wants to travel there , what the hell