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  1. so if you had c19, didn't know it, recovered and then tested for it, would it still show positive
  2. The better deal is hard shell lobsters 6.99, the scallops were small but ok
  3. 103 year old Polish gramma from Easton survives Covid-19, celebrates with Bud Light
  4. When is the haircut phase, and if you suffocate during one with your mask on do you still have to pay?
  5. Stop and Shop had TP today for the first time, pandemic over !
  6. If they’re in a run they’re probably Womps, end of story
  7. The morans making these movies have never figured out that you can’t fake a Boston accent so just leave it alone
  8. I guess N.Y. didn’t get the release in water Memo
  9. with any luck there will be a haircutting speakeasy tent, seeing there's no money to be made on fish
  10. you are quick to claim all kinds of poaching is going on in the canal, I don't see it, then again I am doing my own thing and not worrying about what anyone else is doing, none of my business, never had my traps poached that I recall, never saw anything or had a mind to call about
  11. so its ok to let whatever brownshirts are available loose on all those nasty canal violators but the virtuous comm boaters they can do no wrong
  12. so who are all the so called poachers, boat comms fishing the canal then ?
  13. I can see June 24 etc, not seeing the canal stuff
  14. Doesn’t matter to me personally, not getting my 2 fish comm any more but when will it be posted anywhere as it is my understanding comm season may start as soon as June 1 ?