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  1. All the best Red
  2. , i'm only here for the yuks get better pup
  3. insanity do what dinghy said
  4. He’s not driving, he’s traveling
  5. so your wicked smaht are ya
  6. What’s this got to do with the video moonbats?
  7. Scientology will fix it
  8. wait, who watches the oscars
  9. No I see it now, where the hell did these dumb asses come from?
  10. The dog video doesn’t show the dog part now?
  11. I must be out of the loop, first I ever heard of this sovereign citizen bs, and it would have been great if he tased her
  12. i predict any project to get tidal power from the canal, if in fact its being considered will fail, most of these green energy schemes turn into scams for govt money
  13. trade it in for a Tundra
  14. the idea of making the canal recreational only is absurd, it would in fact discriminate against the rod and reel permit holders which are already limited to 2 fish on a comm day, but I'm sure some of the comm boat guys would love this idea
  15. I did not know that, does sound funny when you read it though