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  1. For sale 14 foot sit inside ocean kayak, Carolina Precision model, made in USA, good condition, pick up in Sandwich, MA, 75 bucks, John, 774-413-0721
  2. ^ this
  3. the town owns a large area of land in and around the marina area they are sitting on, would have made a lot more sense developing something on this land as its mostly not in a residential area, I see this location on beach causing a total clusterbleep
  4. I wonder if treehouse checked out what’s happening to the shoreline to the east of their location or do they care
  5. I'm wondering what the price of a clam plate is now after reading this thread, 49.95 ?
  6. DOH! And my dog loves doing this too !
  7. the parking there is minimal, I think a dozen spots may go with the business, the rest are town owned, wether or not they make a deal with beerhouse remains to be seen, I'msure all the out of town blowhards would love the place in their hoods
  8. waiting in line to buy beer?
  9. He says from his West End penthouse
  10. what, people don't want a saloon next to their houses
  11. Wife decisions
  12. All the best John
  13. Call the governor
  14. ^ what about the Moderna, not as safe as Pfizer?
  15. All over 40 age members of my clan have at least one shot , woot