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  1. From Pennsylvania
  2. Did you read about the three 60 somethings on Martha’s Vineyard, all three passed out in the pub they were in, someone calls the cops/ambulance, one mumbles, 15mg....weed edibles.....first time ever.
  3. Good lobster bait
  4. Kate Smith
  5. A meme would have sufficed
  6. R.I., 52.25 lbr
  7. I pretty much can't smell anyway so would be good to go as is!
  8. Joe could be your Uber passenger rating ? Ha ha
  9. So it’s basically 35 or 40 $ a head for a round trip ticket per the web site, not buying any big influx of people just to fish the canal getting here by train
  10. What’s a round trip ticket from Boston gonna cost on this purported Cape Cannonball that’s about to carry the masses to the canal ?
  11. first day kayaking should not be in salt anywhere really, find a nice quiet pond to practice in
  12. dont go in the water where the sharks are, what more do you need to know
  13. Got it, thanks John.