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  1. house beside me went for 115k over asking no inspection, water stain on upstairs ceiling
  2. where is the15 mil info from? that would be 300,000 per state
  3. no fish in canal
  4. Mama Mia’s in Plymouth is one of the best in the area
  5. 4.60/gal near canal, thanks Brandon!
  6. one school is so bad they're closing it down completely
  7. vets can be a big scam at times
  8. sounds like someone needs a new hobby
  9. Tried to post screenshot of pic but need to workout format issue
  10. a big ole tog hanging out right now
  11. Maybe not but 100$ a case beer is the first thing of most peoples list
  12. I'm curious as to how much business they'll be doing once this recession really gets rolling
  13. its not just gas its everything, and gas and diesel gets it there so consumer pays, mortgage rates up, stock market down, thanks Brandon !
  14. here it comes three dollar gas
  15. most MB bugs are soft shells from Canada and not much to them at any price