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  1. Beto is his made up moniker to pander to Hispanics, he and the fake indian should partner up, plus what m I doing in RR hell !
  2. sweatpants under the suit pants, win
  3. Upper left corner, raw pork chop soufflé?
  4. Yes you want to be in the best hood affordable for you in RE,rehab or no
  5. Carl you are to old to be a hippie, a beatnik maybe, and really seeking to be stopped, the only ones doing that these days are the sovereign citizen, flat-earthers, they claim they are not driving but traveling
  6. yes, this needs to be clarified, there are guidelines if it is 203k
  7. just today noticed the stop and shop has a new self order deal at the deli now, Now Hiring, all the mistakes you can eat plus 2 bucks an hour
  8. I have 5 grandkids in CA so this sounds like the way to go for them I'd say if they go the college route anyway and are still living in CA
  9. no flu shot
  10. hearing the show not long for this world as it shouldn't be
  11. Meh, now you can replace the dog house with a real shed
  12. invaded again, ha!
  13. you need a Ford F150 Raptor, starting price 54K
  14. now if Bourne and Wareham would close the rest of the local roach coaches
  15. A turkey crashed through a woman’s windshield in East Sandwich “The turkey did not survive."