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  1. Just a guess, gubmint subsidies would be the major financing somehow
  2. Condolences, RIP Skitt, he always liked any ditch pics
  3. Saw that, kids Santa train, who were the tracks people I wonder
  4. 85 is a good run
  5. he mighty Quinn, King Charles Cavelier, Spaniel
  6. This can’t be true
  7. SIM is proud, alls well that ends well our experience on a spill didn’t
  8. so its a tale thats already over
  9. Go new, an oil spill can go into the 100 ks to clean up
  10. Get rid of it ASAP, you do not want to deal with an oil spill of 150 gal or anything over about 10, gal, no joke, this happened to us in a house, state person,insurance, etc, goes on and on, insurance covered most of it but no guarantee there either unless special coverage
  11. Snow sucks
  12. Pip pip, Cheerio old chap, no wait, Erin Go Bragh you culchie, , no God Bless Somewhere & Massholio
  13. Not pretty, 315 lb
  14. BC QB just got pummeled,