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  1. Yes i do see a small twist at the bend of the hook but has to place in a flat surface to really notice. but as far as the hook inline to the shank is spot on
  2. Cool that more tried. I was thinking about heating it up but dont need to like sytheteacher said.
  3. Got about 30 offset circle hooks form last season. And with the new regs i thought of taking my pliers and make them straight. So i did and it works but is the hook weak now?
  4. Thanks. Will take a look at them
  5. Hey, is there a 10ft medium power fast action rod with lure rated 1/4 - 5/8oz? I have a 7ft rod with those specs, but want to know if a 10ft will cast farther. I've been searching but cant find any. So I guess it won't make a difference because the light lure? Been messing around with solf plastics and kinda like the texes rig but would like to get my line more out there.
  6. I’m in. Happy New Year!!