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  1. That’s what I’ve found - still trying to figure out where to place the weight to make the fly still seem natural. For baitfish patterns I’m assuming closer to the bend of the hook is better rather than up close to the eye to make it ride flatter rather than jig up and down like a clouser ?
  2. Anybody ever tie the EP mullet with wire wrapped around the hook shank to let it sink, or with dumbbell eyes? I know it sort of defeats the purpose of letting it ride high in the water column but I haven’t seen anyone do it so figured I’d ask the experts
  3. Looking to sell these two setups, just not using them enough and moving south pretty soon so focusing more on salt water. Fenwick: $300 for full setup. No nicks or scratches, casts very well and super fun to fight fish. Reel balances well with the extra length of the rod. I’m open to selling rod/reel separately for this one. Orvis: $250 for the setup. No nicks or scratches as well. Fun for bass and streamers for trout. Comes with an incredibly nice case. I do not know the brand of the line on either reel, but they match the weight of the rods and are quite nice to cast. Both setups are priced to sell, so please make an offer. I am located in either Annapolis MD or OCNJ, and anywhere in between on route 301 or 95. I prefer pickup. Cash, Venmo, Zelle, PP F&F all accepted.
  4. Were you able to fit saltwater hooks in the jaws?
  5. Any interest in trade + cash? I have a Hardy Demon Switch that I got on this BST for TH casting in NJ, unfortunately the Navy is sending me away so I won’t have a use for TH rods. I’ve used the sector and it is a wonderful rod, please let me know if you’re interested. I can meet in SJ this weekend. Otherwise, GLWS. Thank you.
  6. All of what was said above as well as targeting structure, ambush points, and moving water. Keep a fishing log! It’ll help you figure out patterns. And if you want to you can pay special attention to moon phase, barometric pressure, and other more nuanced parts of fishing
  7. Fished the sector off of a boat today, 9ft 10wt with a well paired cortland full-sink and can attest it is one of the easiest casting rods I’ve ever had. I second that it isn’t the fastest rod and I think a smooth and controlled stroke is best with it. I’d love to try it in a 7 or 8wt because I’m sure it would be incredibly light.
  8. This might not help you, but I have a 10ft 4wt fenwick aetos that I absolutely love for nymphing. You should definitely consider that rod in the 3wt - or if you’re open to trades I could part ways with mine as I don’t do as much tight lining anymore.
  9. First time west of the Mississippi. Glacier/Yellowstone/Tetons but only fished in Yellowstone and Tetons. Firehole and Snake rivers. Got into a few lakers, browns, rainbows, and even some cuttys. And put the lady on her first trout on fly. Was enjoyable.
  10. Revenge today. 2 keeper fluke out back. Took a while but conquered the fluke as well as the wind. Tasty sandwiches.
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