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  1. Hey everyone, in case you wanted an update: I was planning on going from NJ to FL in 10 hours yesterday and 10 today, but woke up yesterday morning to a dead battery in the truck so I had to do 4 hours yesterday and 15ish today. Trailer held up perfectly. Before leaving, I inspected all bearings and they looked fine so I cleaned and repacked them and put them back on the trailer. I bought two new sets of bearings and a complete, pre-packed hub set in case something went wrong. I also replaced the old incandescent brake lights with LEDs from West Marine which I think make a big difference. At each gas stop I felt the hubs and torqued down each lug nut - they were pretty loose after the first 2-3 hours so I was happy I did. Thanks for the great advice. I hope this thread helps other newbies later on.
  2. Thanks for the awesome responses. Anything of note that I should do for my overnight? Call ahead to the hotel, take off trailer and lock it etc.?
  3. Hey all, I'm heading down to FL from NJ in mid July for about a month, and planning on bringing the boat. I am wondering if: a) this is a dumb idea and I shouldn't bother trailering it that far and b) if it isn't a dumb idea, does anyone have any tips/tricks on what I should do prior to leaving and what I should have with me in case something goes wrong? Planning on bringing grease gun and new bearings and I have a spare tire mounted on the trailer. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. Yo Zuri 3D Inshore Popper black and silver. Too good
  5. z-man makes some mean small soft plastics like the Trout Trick
  6. Not to hijack this thread but I'm at usna and if any of you local Annapolis folks would want to fish send me a PM, we're trying to build up the fishing club here at school and would love to network with local anglers
  7. Let's do it
  8. Respectfully offer $200 shipped to 08226 for the 300
  9. I got lucky with a weakie last year on a sparsely tied olive over white baitfish pattern, about 4" with a line of pink separating the olive and white. It was a pretty standard, nothing special fly, but worked.
  10. Whatever net you get I'd highly recommend one with the rubber netting as opposed to whatever textile material the cheaper ones use. Virtually no hooks get stuck in it (and if they do it's way easier to get out) and the rubber feels less abrasive vs. textile with respect to the fish's slime. Remember to always wet the net first so that you don't wipe the slime off and never put a fish down on a dry boat deck!
  11. Seaguar Blue for sure. Tackle Direct or your local shop should have it, I like the 25yd spools but they make different sizes. 100yds would probably be good for you. Easy enough to throw in a bag and cut what you need. But there's so many at the same price point you might as well play pin the tail on the donkey and find which one you like the best. FWIW I prefer braid mainline and fluoro leader for the lack of stretch, idk maybe I'm just crazy but I just think I have better contact with the lure. Yes, I probably don't need a leader in NJ but that's what I do. When I was starting out, I used straight mono (no leader) because that's what was available, and using something like a jerkbait or popper and trying to work the action made the plug feel sort of mushy, like the line was stretching and then I wasn't getting enough action. I have experimented with mono leaders for topwater because the extra stretch might give a split second extra if you're like me and you yank the plug out the fish's mouth the instance they bust on it. don't overthink it - find a method that works for you, it's all about experimenting and having fun tight lines
  12. Hey buddha, sorry if you've answered this already. What color jerk shad do you prefer? Also how do you think this technique would work from a boat casting back up towards the beach, say at the bay side of an inlet? Thanks!
  13. okay awesome, looks like just install on the ground and then the green dial is what cuts the flow from the puck to the battery? Also does it matter which of the 2 12v i have it connected to? Sorry, not a big fan of electrical stuff so want to get this right. Thanks for the help.
  14. These look super nice. I'm intrigued to see how the durability is. I always get a little wary of St. Croix and G Loomis in particular, sometimes the graphite just feels a little brittle. Though the technology has come a long way.
  15. very much agree. It's pretty hard to throw a light soft plastic on really heavy braid, for example. I would also offer that the action of the tip is super important. Whippy rods can help you flick out some of those baits a bit further but then you may lose accuracy. When back bay plugging I don't think it would make *too* much of a difference, but every now and then you'll want to cast right behind the structure and end up casting right on top of the structure and lose your rig.