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  1. Ok thank you, I thought it was the big one so I’m gonna pass, thanks!
  2. What is the weight on the Bottle Darter please? Big one or jr…
  3. I’m interested in the bottle darter, would you be willing to split? If yes, how much would you like shipped? Thanks!!
  4. No thanks, I already have one. I appreciate you asking though!
  5. Hi everybody, I’m looking to buy a lightly used ODM surf wave 3.5 bag. I would appreciate if you have one you might be willing to part with, if you could please post a couple pics and a shipped price please. thanks for looking!
  6. Thanks a million Hook I your insights are much appreciated!!!
  7. Double down
  8. No interest locking thread
  9. Hi, can you please let me know how much you used the reel since you got it and if you know when it was last serviced? Thank you.
  10. Is this reel a manual bail?
  11. that flo green looks killer
  12. Lightly used Speedmaster rod $149 new. A deal for only $99 9 ft, 1/2 - 3 oz Moderate/Fast Perfect for spring fishing Pickup/Meetup between New Haven, CT and New Rochelle, NY SpeedMaster Surf rods were designed to achieve long-distance casting and proper lure action. Paired with long cast reels, these versatile rods can put anglers within range of anything that swims along the coastline.
  13. Do I hear a not-so-far off drumroll?
  14. Sounds like a helluva view!!
  15. Solstice Panthers itchin to go 8” and 3 oz of custom wood