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  1. Yeah since we already have tarpon and multiple other species. And yes, I know about the one-offs in the CCC that people use to say the oceans aren’t warming - people who have been fishing this long (65 years for me) know that things that show up occasionally aren’t the same as warming waters and the year over year increases of multiple species that don’t belong here lol
  2. Thank you for the update and that sux. Sorry about that.
  3. Thanks for that, I have no interest in people’s spots but can see how I could be misunderstood. I was just trying to get a read on whether any fish were around. Thanks for the info
  4. Hi Guys, My health is not so good this year so I need to choose carefully what nights I go out to conserve my energy. I know it is August but I was wondering if anyone surfcasting the Western Sound area has seen many (any) Stripers around at night? Thanks so much in advance -mike
  5. UGH, not well at all, just some spot, but it was enough to keep the kids happy. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks dude but I’m looking for the boots not the strap on cleats.
  7. Oh Tommy, I’m so sorry. I left my Korker River Ops up in Milford a couple weeks ago and they were long gone. I really hope someone owns up.
  8. Yes, I have a pair that have only been worn once that I would do the right trade for.
  9. No sir, I’m still looking. Thanks for asking
  10. Hi guys, Well, I accidentally left my Korkers in a parking lot after a long session and we all know how that went. So now I’m looking to buy a pair of size 13 Korkers boots if anyone has a pair. Thanks! Mike
  11. Hi Folks, I just realized l left some gear under the small shelter at the Bird (CT Audubon) parking lot in Milford one night last week. I would really appreciate it if someone could please contact me if they know anything about it. It’s pretty significant so I would really be happy if it turns up. Thanks! Mike
  12. Happy Friday, everyone, I am looking to buy a rod case that is telescoping or is at least 73 inches long. The Plano one below is an example of what I am looking for. thanks for looking and have a great weekend
  13. Thanks but that’s too much for what I was after.
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