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  1. ☠️ how about 25 bucks shipped for both pending model confirmation?
  2. ☠️ Hey Dave do you know the model?
  3. ☠️ size & weight pls?
  4. ☠️ hey Dave, do you happen to have a jointed troller for fishing?
  5. ☠️I know this is a little off topic but I’m very curious as to whether anyone has actually fished these fully dressed out/super expensive baits and if so any success?
  6. ☠️Yeah I havent been in that shop yet either.
  7. ☠️Yeah I got the chance to stop by that shop one time it’s super cool!
  8. How much for these three?
  9. ☠️exactly
  10. ☠️def putting se on the list
  11. ☠️Super good idea to head up there sometime
  12. ☠️ thanks for letting me know
  13. ☠️ ugh, way over my budget, sorry, gonna have to pass.
  14. ☠️ Cool, how many packs & how much $ ?
  15. ☠️ Happy new year dude. Do you happen to have a three or four tube bag you are planning to put up?