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  1. LOL. That's great JZ is enjoying fishing already. Pretty soon he'll have his own custom rod and showing up his dad
  2. Nice! Gotta enjoy a ling trip every once in a while.
  3. Great job Scotty!
  4. Nice going bud!
  5. Hey Slacker, just seeing this thread now. I've been MIA on the forums as well as the fishing scene. Great meeting and fishing with you. Best of luck and hope to see you during tog season.
  6. Terrible news. RIP Vinny.
  7. What's it like to go fishing?
  8. Nice gator!
  9. White or chartreuse bucktails ranging from 1/2oz - 3oz on most days should be fine. Some will go up to 6oz.. More importantly... Don't forget your Gulp!
  10. Well said. Mike was a great guy and is going to be missed. I'm glad I was able to fish with Mike and hear some of his crazy stories. Still can't believe this happened.
  11. Good fishing with you guys the other day as well. Quote of the day was when you said "Hey Chris, go put this picture are you shi**y website". hahahhhaaha
  12. Thanks everyone @Slacker nice work on the photo, looks much better.
  13. Got on the Mohawk with BroTats and my buddy Mike today instead of going to work. Sailed about an hour and a half up to 17 and set up shop. The day was spotty with most of the keepers coming up in the bow....mostly under the ropes. Russ was fishing up there and quickly got a couple big boys in his cooler. After a while we made a move and I got slammed. Hooked up with a solid fish that was peeling drag, shaking its head and putting up a damn good fight. Fish finally came up, netted and into the boat. Guess it was a 10-11# female which would be the pool contender/winner. Good day out there with more wind than expected. Nice fishing with some other SOL'ers on board too
  14. From the album Blackfish Reports 2013