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  1. Thanks for the details on the basket... Orvis seems to have cornered the market on the striping basket lol
  2. Nice Bass, looks like you figured out things already . By the way, Who makes the Stripping Basket in picture ?
  3. Ok. Let me know how much your looking for. You can pm price and pictures thanks
  4. Looking for specific rod TiCrX 9wt. 9ft 4pc sock & tube in very good to mint condition
  5. Stumbled on this thread , wow !! Great info. I have done a fair share of night fishing albeit surfcasting with spin gear but the premise is about the same . Interesting how when in doubt a bucktail would often out produce other lures . some real solid info on tides and tactics . As a rookie I found myself just wading out and trying to bomb cast into the far reaches. Little did I know ,I was chasing fish right off the beach . Now I'll approach any given area with stealth , use night vision ( no light ) and just work short close in casts to start. Surprised at how productive it can be . Skinner brought up a good point about slack tide . My theory is that tides change bass will move around and eventually locate another ambush point . The eel can be deadly at slack , bass candy as it is they can't resist . Recall someone saying bass see eels as a threat to their territory . I'd have to feel real comfortable with fly casting skills to throw flies at night but thats a worthwhile goal / challenge Thanks to all the participants , special thanks to OP. For all the solid info should pin this thread .
  6. Thanks for the offer. After much deliberation I've decided to use my 10 wt set up for now
  7. ?? Why don't you pm him ?
  8. I've gone down in M with a fish on Water was chest high then a tumble , felt like being inside a washing machine Hanging onto rod trying to keep line tight. It happens once you venture into the surf.
  9. FF sent you a message.
  10. Thanks , was looking at the Terapin . The Nautilus X is a contender but line capacity seems much lower
  11. From the few searches I've done , the company has a stellar record . I guess one of the sticking points for me is the detail of being Made in US or being Built in US I realize it doesn't matter if the product is of a certain quality but after all this crap we are currently going thru , I've had it with certain imports if something is made in US I believe the majority of the components are produced here. As opposed to Built in ... components could be imported and then assembled here It has been a point of concern in the watch community for years
  12. How does this companies fly reels compare to others in price range. Looking around $250 - 350 range found Redington Grande , TFO BVK SD , Lamston Guru 'S' to mention a few. Even looked at the next step up Nautilus X series Really like the idea of supporting American made products but still want to get a fair deal
  13. Hey Shag how'd the tracks install ?
  14. the issue with the 2006 F150 is there are no tracks and I just noticed a pretty substantial weather stripping on inside of door frame . the racks that clamp onto door frame will mess up the weatherstripping to some degree