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  1. I haven’t used smoke, but I swear by 20lb crystal. I tie a fg knot to my leader and haven’t had any failures outside of getting pulled into serious structure. Anyone who doesn’t like their crystal send it my way. I’ll gladly pay for shipping!
  2. Trolling motors with spot lock. Absolute game changer for 90% of my fishing.
  3. Often times fishing in New Hampshire I am spot locked within 25 yards of the rocky shoreline pitching in live mackerel. I’ll use straight mono or a setup with braid to a long mono leader 6-10 feet at times for a couple of reasons. The abrasion resistance pulling the fish out of the boulders is better with mono. I find the line stretch to be helpful when fishing with circle hooks. You need to let the fish take the bait so stretch gives you a little more time where the fish doesn’t feel any resistance. This last one is far from scientific, but I’ve noticed the trend in my fishing. I seem to gut hook less fish with circle hooks using mono than I do braid. It might be the way the line stretch slows down the hooking processes. I’m not hook setting, just reeling down to the fish. I more consistently find the corner of the fishes mouth with mono on my setups. Anyway I still feel there is a time and a place for some mono.
  4. Why not just fish the rod and figure out for yourself what the sweet spot is?
  5. Quick update in the event anyone was following this thread. Penn got to look at the reel and very, very quickly got back to me. The prognosis was not good for the reel, but Penn is taking care of me. Thanks for all the help Jim!
  6. There are still plenty of fish around. If you want to increase your chances you can bring two setups- one for mackerel and the other to live line the mackerel under a float. If you are going to do this I would head to New Castle or Rye. Good luck!
  7. @Belmo So last night I had the reel running smoothly with the exception of the live liner function. Now after I double checked that I had the gears set correctly for the live liner function I’m getting an awful geary noise and feel when cranking the reel and the live liner switch still won’t engage. i even tried assembling the reel with the live gears set in the full ON (more) mode. That did allow the live liner function to work, but again the lever was stuck in position. I have a video to show what the reel is like now, but honestly I think it is just destined for Penn served at this point. It is just a bummer that I’m running into this after a handful of sessions on the reel. My other Penn’s all Slammer 3’s have been bullet proof…. Obviously less parts for me to ruin, but still no issues. IMG_2818.MOV
  8. Jim you are the man! I believe that is how I lined the gears back up when I put it back together last night. My live line lever is binding on something and won’t engage no matter what I tried. Anyway the picture helps a lot. I’ll get into the reel tonight and check the drag too. Thanks for the assistance.
  9. Ah I saw this video when I started my search, but stopped watching it when I saw the live line drag setup of the v was different than the vi. I’ll take a close look at the video and break the reel down again tonight. Thanks @Belmo
  10. I had some water intrusion on my reel and had to tear it down and to grease it. When I reassembled I am having difficulty with the live line lever. It won’t engage at all. Does anyone have a picture of how the live line gear assembly should be lined up before the side plate is closed up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  11. Encourage them to try the sabiki to help fill the livewell. If they aren’t feeling confident about having 8 hooks, let them be with their diamond jig. That is just a pretty good indicator that they will remain only a guest and not become a fishing partner.
  12. I’ve got a 6hp with the same layout and just resorted to always use a garbage can to use in lieu of a bucket. Yeah it is a pain and a waste of water, but it works.
  13. I think Windy is the way to go. I use it for lake and coastal boating in New Hampshire.
  14. For what it is worth I did crush down the barbs after that fish.
  15. I see some great structure to fish. Get out there!