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  1. If you still have the Whiggleys. I will give you $50 for the four baits.
  2. I use to love the Hunt for Big fish. I miss seeing Larry catch all those monster fish.
  3. I going to take a look at the Savage shad. Does it have that beautiful action of the Whiggley?
  4. One of my fishing buddies lived near Larry Dahlberg growing up. He taught him how to fly cast. Now he fishes for muskie with the fly rod.
  5. I am unfortunately a busy guy right now. When I slow down I hope to have time to work on new hobbies like lure making.
  6. I have had the had the privilege to meet a talk with Larry a few years ago. He looks at fishing differently than most people.
  7. I have not fished anything else for muskie that I can impart as much action as on the Whiggley.
  8. Loved the Mr. Viggley video!
  9. You don't make the molds for anyone else by the way?
  10. Flylikabird Thanks for the information. I have used this bait for muskie with great success. The main problem is the bait is not durable.
  11. I have loved the extreme movement I was able to get on a Mr Wiggley. I would like to be able to duplicate that amount of bait movement.
  12. Does anyone rig large plastic shad with treble hooks that detach with hookups. What is the action like on the shad?
  13. Adoboboy On a totally different subject. Do you still have those Mr Wiggley baits you listed a month or so ago. I have been looking for some for awhile and came upon your post.
  14. Who makes the best 9 inch rubber shad bait?
  15. I was hoping to find a lead on someone who is making them.