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  1. The first ones are absolute killers in gentle cross current, they dive with crazy erratic action. Grab a few in heavier sizes to get down deep and even trophy trout cant resist them.
  2. My 5000 size SWA has maybe 2-3 degrees of backwards flex
  3. There is a little pocket on the inside and the pad sits inside the pocket, they are removable. The lower leg reinforced cordura fabric is extremely durable, its showing virtually no signs of wear. I wish they made a model that had everything below waistline out of super tough cordura for our trout streams - dried and broken spruce branches are extremely sharp and falling on those spikes is pretty common climbing around beaver holes and over fallen trees. I'm pretty upset I have to send them to diver dave for repair and have to spend like a month without waders I enjoy so much.
  4. Ive put Orvis Pro model trough its paces for the last month and a half. No leaks so far but today managed to get a rip on the backside falling in a beaver hole. They are quite heavy but for winter I absolutely dont mind. Built in kneepads are freaking ace, climbing rocks, holes, fallen over trees - convenience is off the charts. The rubber mesh of the gravel guard never rides up the boot even if the front hook gets unhooked from wading boot. I wish the ass end of the waders was reinforced more!
  5. I turn to you guys and I would like some recommendations for a medium/medium light 11 foot rod. Ive been scouring the internet for days, seems like everywhere including JDM stores are out of stock of this particular S110M model. Theres one listing on ebay for a used one but the price even for that one compared to MSRP is getting silly so I might aswell just bump my budget up to around 300-400€ and get a brand new rod. The other auctions are "backordered". European suppliers would be preferred but I would be absolutely open to order a JDM seabass rod from overseas. What it will be used for: sea trout fishing in the Baltic sea - metals, spoons, bombarda fly fishing. Lures: 10-45g, vast majority of lures are between 16-28g Taper: would prefer something that bends deep in to the rod to deal with the runs and somersaults Majority of fishing is done over extremely shallow ground, average depth 1-3ft, rocky points, sandbaths Why 11 footer in particular? Because during this time of year I really dont want to wade boulder fields, one dunk and the day is cut short rushing to the car before freezing in to a popsicle. The more casting distance I can get with light lures the better. 12 footer seems a bit too unwieldy and probably heavy as my fishing sessions are 8-9 hours long.
  6. I slapped a brand spanking 5000 size Saragosa on the 11ft Dialuna and spent the whole day bombing in to a good gale. It actually balances decently well and its not excruciating anymore to keep the tip up compared to how it was with FL 4000. The rod absolutely BOMBS 26-30g composites in to headwind. I am super happy with the rodlength and casting distance, to reach the outer edges of points I only have to climb rocks until I'm knee deep and not waist+ deep where the risk of getting swept off by a rogue wave is a touch too high in these temps Spending 10 minutes by the car trying to get frozen solid zippers open and reach my keys while my waders freeze on the inside to the clothing is not something I want to do again. Daiwa Lateo has pretty good availability, thanks for the tip.
  7. Managed to source the shims and cracked the reel open. No grease on maingear at all, was completely dry and no shim between the maingear and sideplate bearing surface. The only dab of grease was on the pinion gear and it never connected with the maingear. I had to use two of the shims to eliminate handle stem play and stupid amount of backlash. Greased up the reel with Quantum red grease and it actually feels like a more then 50€ reel now. On the positive side what really impressed me that even during nearly 3 months of sea fishing with uncountable times of splashes and full submersion no water had made it inside the reel - no emulsification. Could see salt deposits on the "labyrinth" part of above the AR clutch which I believe is coated with hydrophobic coating.
  8. I have 0 intention of replacing my stradic ci4, I absolutely love the loud snap on bail return and how light it is. The greatest issue is the line roller which can be very hard to source as a spare part.
  9. Couple of weeks ago I saw that Matt from jdmtackleheaven managed to source two dialuna s110m models and I took mine out today. The rod is incredible, the step up power wise from medium-light can be instantly felt, the action is very fast - actual casting motion can be kept short and efficient. What really took me back was how I could lob 26g composite lures straight in to a headwind/storm - my previous rod would just bend trough and leave no energy to the lure. Sidewind or no wind the lure goes flying so far I cant even see where it lands - I am super happy I dont have to even take a step in barely above freezing water to hit the furthest points. Managed to catch a 30cm seatrout, actually thought my spoon was coming in sideways with a piece of seaweed attached to it - there is potential for handling REALLY big and strong fish. One downside - its very tip heavy and Stradic FL 4000 does not balance it at all, after 7 hours my arm was toast from keeping the tip up haha. Very pleased alltogether.
  10. Silicone stick you also use on your car door gaskets
  11. I have the same issue with excessive gear engagement lash, considering I fished it for couple of months already and it has taken quite a few scrapes Im SOL with warranty. It has become absolutely aggravating so going to try shimming. Can you clarify - is the correct part number for the thin shim RD19988 or RD20168?
  12. I dont even own a lure thats 1.5oz, I guess what Im looking for would be considered ultralight for the ocean surfcaster crowd. Thanks, Im looking in to it.
  13. I heard early next year from various suppliers as Shimano has apprently stopped production. I guess Ill have to grit my teeth and wait, I cant seem to find any close alternative.