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  1. it sucks that you buy "Shimano", and not the bottom of the barrel.... and this is an issue? Never an issue with my Penn spinfisher vi combos
  2. I looked again. took both apart and put back together again. one is working now.... the other still isnt. I will look again to see if the drag clicker is broken. It doesn't appear to be. I would try removing 1 spool height washer, but I really don't want to mess with line lay.
  3. I haven't changed anything.
  4. I will double check. Thanks
  5. update: LOVE the Stradic 5k on the Duckett rods.... but just put one on a TFO MH 7'-6" Fast Action Rod. UNBELIEVABLE. Can't beat TFO's warranty
  6. Drag on both my Stradic FL 5k's went silent. They have been fished about 6 times each. I checked them and both springs are working fine, and the ratchets both look good. Any idea why?
  7. IMO it isnt too large. It is about same size as my spinfisher VI's. and perfect spool capacity for Albies etc. I have zero regrets on size choice... or any of it. I bought another one and put it on a duckett inshore MH to throw plugs and poppers.
  8. You saw my Stradic / Duckett combo on my thread. I planned on doing this upgrade also, but Stradic is so smooth out of the box that I'm just gonna fish it for a season first. I've heard a few stories about reels never being quite perfect once taken apart, especially by a novice tech like me lol. I'm just nervous about screwing it up.
  9. Duckett Inshore series, 7', med power, fast action. They had a deal going... buy one get one free. Was recommended by friend Capt Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters, Cape Cod
  10. ordered online. only place that had the Stradic FL 5K in stock. shipped immediately!
  11. Anyone know where to get BG 3000 spool washers?? Seem to be nowhere to be found.
  12. Good luck finding one for $160. Maybe a leftover FK?? I found Stradic FL 5k in Florida from Half Hitch for $229.
  13. Decision made.... Stradic FL 5K...
  14. Not enough line capacity for False Albacore.