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  1. Glad to keep it going for the second year in a row! Good luck to all this season. Think warm
  2. This years forum!! Was a great year this year.
  3. Hello Everyone! Given how well this went last year, it's time for this year's forum! Hopefully, your post will encourage someone to get off the couch and get out in the outdoors. Make sure to keep locations general and no spot-burning! Here's to good luck and lots of fish in 2023!
  4. Anyone have any favorite spots for blackfish on the north shore. Heading up there and have never fished it before
  5. I heard the boat guys are marking fish. But none are eating with this heat
  6. Even in that inlet if you fall in with a kill cord. It was outgoing. The boat definitely drifted faster than anyone could swim towards it
  7. Hmm ok I'll watch see if I know it. I was fishing the ocean out of moriches that day. Went in around sunset though
  8. Dang that really sucks. Anyone know what type of boat it was?
  9. Does anyone have any more information on the boat that washed up at Smiths point and the missing person last night? Prayers with the family
  10. Anyone have any details on the boat that washed up at Smiths Point, or on the person whose missing?
  11. I've had the same experience on eastern SS beaches. It was ok before the storm two weeks ago. Nothing since
  12. I've also been throwing lures that seem to push the bunker, leaving a small opening for my lure. Seems to increase the odds
  13. I've seen that out east too. They always seen to be just out of casting range tho. All my fish the past three days have been on peanut bunker that got pushed just to the edge cof asting distance
  14. Yesterday had a little white water out east with the wind chop. Not much though. Didn't hold fish from all the people I saw out
  15. Hm interesting. I caught a tinker yesterday. Maybe it was that