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  1. Sweet, I have the sv too, although it is a automatic. This one has a leveling kit, so it has a tiny bit more clearence. Hopefully it works well for I want it for
  2. Ah thanks. I just realized that if you screw something into one end it should be able to attach to a hand drill. I have a corded drill so maybe that can work
  3. Neat. Thanks!
  4. Will do. Thanks
  5. Yeah I'm looking to try all sorts of plugs, just so I don't have to buy them since they are getting so expensive. I'm looking at cheap and easy ways to spin them
  6. Interesting. Thanks! Im going to think of some ways to spin the dowel to make it easier to shape
  7. Very true!
  8. Yeah I don't have much to work with in terms of rotating. I might just try hand sanding down the shape first, see how hard it is. I have some things that might work for turning the but ill save the experimenting for later. Looks like you can find an air brush pretty cheap online. Not looking for show quality, just fishable
  9. Ok. The sander will stay far away lol. Thanks
  10. Thanks! Do you think it's possible to just send them down by hand. I have a random orbital sander too
  11. Hey all, I have been thinking about this for a while, and was wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have been wanting to start making plugs, but i do not have a lathe. They are pretty expensive, and i am not in a position to go out and buy one right now. Does anyone know of any ways to make them without a lathe? And does anyone have any need to know tips for starting out. Thanks
  12. Thats very neat! Im totally going to get his book. Hoping to start trying to tie some next weekend. I love some good weakfish and so glad you can get such a mix with this method. Hopefully im able to learn how to tie halfway decent so I can get some this season. Thanks for the help!
  13. Great thanks! Those ray must put up a hell of a fight on fly, I have caught them before on spinning and they sure fight hard. Im excited to try going for them in the troughs now. Id guess that you some times get a bass while your doing this? And do you tie your own flies or do you buy them? Im not the best at tying right now lol
  14. Hey Dan Would it be possible to get 2- 2oz full dress 1- 2oz blurple 1- 2oz wine red 1- 3oz white 1- 1 1/2oz white (all in smiling bill) Should be 39.25 before shipping Thanks