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  1. I just have a small job of adding a wrap for a plate reel seat. I don't need $25 of epoxy. I will never use it. Saw these packets, will this work? I'm not concerned if it changes colors, etc, could not care less. Just that it's removable, if needed. Hardman Double Bubble Blue-Label General Purpose Slow-Setting Epoxy 2 hours. About this item: slow-setting, 2 hour working time (120 minutes) dries dark amber semi-clear, does not shrink, 2-part epoxy Unique double packs are clean and easy to use, with very little left-over waste 3-year shelf life means epoxy will not harden on the shelf! High bond strenght (3,200+psi) with excellent vibration and impact resistance
  2. The standard one has no bearings, it basically rubs the post. Also, I have read a hot hair dryer for 40 seconds with soften the top plastic and you can pop it off easier, haven’t tried it. Not sure if it ruins it. The third party gear comes with bearings installs, 1, or 2, will spin for more then 40 seconds, has an e clip for easy maintenance. It helps to reduce the fiction in the worm, pawl assemble as this gear drives all that. With the c clip easier to cleaned.
  3. It’s best to cut it off then use a C clip. I like to clean under there and have a little oil on the shaft. A screwdriver can scratch the finish and then corrosion starts. You have to twist the blade back and forth, if you lift, it produces side pressures on the post. The thing it’s tough to get equal pressure. I have seen post damage where it wobbles on the palm plate from sideways pressure I’m assuming getting that thing off. I replaced mine with a dual bearing gear that uses a C clip.
  4. Is it worth switching out the non bearing gear, to a double bearing idler gear, or just a single bearing on an ABU C4 reel? It’s double the cost about $18.00.
  5. Thanks for the reply, so the reels with Ultra Cast stamped into the side would be the newest ones, within the era of these older UltraCast? Want to be able to identify by photos, for purchase say on the big E site. Many sellers don’t post enough information. I understand about newer reels, but I’m older then dirt, want to relive using one of these older round reels, upgrade the bearings, the drag if possible, and install a single magnet, add on magnet drag, drilling out the palm plate, having both centrifugal force brake and magnet brake. As for new reels vs old.... new is better, well I agree, but....... You don’t appreciate a fishing reel until you been abused by it.
  6. “In the 1980's, ABU Garcia went away from fixed axle spools they had been using for years in their small bait-casters, i.e. 6000/6500C, and started using spools that had inboard 4x10x4mm bearings. They called this new system "Ultra Cast", and its design can be seen in this drawing:”???? So. these “UltraCast” with the side plate edge labeled as Ultra Cast are the ones with the spindle flex problem? You avoid these? Then they went to the new design after? The reels with “Ultra Cast” stamped on the side palm side are the ones with the outside spool bearing? Mixed, larger bearing? These are the stronger spindle, spool combo? Older reels will be lacking any UltraCast logos, spindle supported at the end caps, bushing or bearing inserts? I’m looking to pick up an older ABU but want to avoid the spindle flex problem. The article is rather confusing especially going from “UltraCast” to “Ultra Cast” with a space in the name then into an example of starting over with history. It might be clearer to someone who has been around these reels, but I’m coming from a fly fishing background, wanting to try salt water, 60 feet deep of water, as I live 2 blocks from the water, fly fishing requires travel. Just want a way to ID the non flexing spindles. Thanks.