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  1. hey salt, im a surf person but im in kingston/catskill area for a job through the beginning of striper season and wanted to get alittle time in while im here. do you have any intel or ever hear of anybody using artificials up here for bass? i dont have a boat, and i dont like using bait. id like to plug/jig from shore, but every single person ive ever asked about it in the area tells me basically that you have to chunk or line herring. i dont see why you couldnt jig at the entrance to the rondout for instance, ive just never seen anyone doing it. id appreciate any little tidbits. thanks!
  2. speaking of drag washers, is there a way to reliably tell visually when they should be replaced? or is it just a 'feel' thing? found a few old 704s in decent shape and don't want to replace them all if i dont have to.
  3. i have a guppy lil-p stubby pencil that casts extremely well for its size
  4. superstrike darter in midnight massacre
  5. bill hurleys are great
  6. exactly. if this specific attention is paid when processing, they are really tasty. caught one on a party boat once and was about to throw it back, got convinced to bring it home by someone on the rail and was really surprised how good it was.
  7. they are really good if super fresh, fried with a tempura type batter, or beer-batter. make sure to fillet and de-skin as soon as it's dead.
  8. got it, thanks very much. ill give it a shot
  9. i was wondering about that. i did a couple like... prewrap, glue, hair in 3 distinct portions, final wrap, and glue. that’s the way shown in the demo videos i watched. i could still pull a bunch of hairs out, and i wrapped it pretty damn tight. you dab some glue on each chunk of hair you add?
  10. white would make more sense for something in the water, but this looks like red.. look at the holes in the endgrain by the lip, oak has little 'bubbles' in the endgrain, white are closed and look like blisters, red are open. red is also cheaper so it would make sense for messing around on a lathe
  11. st croix's trade up program? is it a warranty thing? does it only work for rods that are 'broken' or can you just trade in one thats fine?
  12. and yes, talk to the guys at cms in new bedford, they are great
  13. i fish all over the cape except the canal, and if could only have one rod for all of it, would be the 1201L. it's one piece, has an older 'feel', broad casting range (redfins and big pencils are both totally fine), and you dont usually need the distance that an 11' will give you. thats pretty much all i ever use. but if you're set on 11', 1321m, without a doubt. my father also has been fishing all his life and doesn't have any new stuff, we started exploring new options for him and he couldnt get used to alot of the new hi-tech fast and stiff blanks. his muscle memory was too ingrained.
  14. my last outing of the year this past december, it was the day after a heavy blow when the beach and jetty were packed and everyone was doing alright. day after i go out again, knowing that it was the wrong tide and too late in the morning for that spot but i really just wanted to see what the storm had done to the beach. there was only one other guy out there, and we found a hole where schoolie bass were posted and we each got one on pretty much every cast for 4 hours straight. the fish obviously were nothing to write home about but it reminded me of playing ball as a kid when we wouldnt keep score because who cared, it was fun. we kinda just nodded at each other and grinned. it was such a beautiful day and a great way to end the season.
  15. same as above. i use 704s pretty much exclusively and they get wet alot. i also dont want to buy a vs. they are all from the 70s and 80s and they are beat to hell on the outside but inside is still basically flawless. when something is built to have a relatively loose mechanical tolerances it can take much more punishment before it will fail. tons of grease inside and if you are handy drill some quick and dirty holes in the rotor cup to help sand flush, just be sure they are opposite each other to keep the balance right and debur the edges of the holes