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  1. I will take the large stormr
  2. Lol, had second thought on my end...
  3. the fishing gods are rarely on your side....BIL and wife and i went to do some shopping after breakfast with inlaws. We take his car since he needed to put some miles on it for car diagnostics, figured I'd take a rod with me and do some bait and wait behind the big box store where they were shopping. Guy who was fishing kept hitting sand sharks, figure he was onto at least 4-5 in the time I was there on bunker chunks. I had no luck with my own bunker. Threw some shrimp and crab after about an hour on bunker. Saw that there were bunkers schooling near pier area to my left, figured I'd try and snag some since getting fresh bunker from bait shop near me is pretty much no longer possible. I was using a plug that I had in my bait bucket to snag bunker as I had lost my snag hook about 2 weeks back trying to retrieve a bait n 8 setup that got yanked into the water off a jetty. Bil and wife had finished shopping and I had 4-5 bunkers when the mini blitz started. I see the stripper popping out of the water, decent size stripers about 150-300 yards out. I'm trying as hard as I can to throw my plug out there to try to get something to hit. About 5 Mins to into blitz guy comes by with his rod and ava jig. The stripers eventually pushing the bait closer, yet I had no luck. The plug wasn't doing it, I switch to a .5oz cast master that was in bottom of my bait bucket and threw that out for a bit, but I'm throwing that out on a 3-8oz heavy chunking bits, no nibbles nothing. Guy with ava was getting hits, a couple of larger schoolies, but there were deftinetly some bigger ones out there. Had to leave since BIL and Wife were waiting and I figure I didn't have the right equipment for the job. First time this year, I was at the right place at the right time......and didn't have my surf setup...
  4. Anyone have any success using sand fleas as bait on NY beaches? I've tried them the last few years and haven't even gotten a nibble with them.
  5. they need to fix their OL. Same issue different QB.
  6. grilled salmon head. delicious with teriyaki sauce.
  7. Sorry, retracting offer for the 9'6.
  8. I'll take the Suzuki 9'6. Where in long island are you? Any chance you come around manhattan/brooklyn?
  9. I use my 6'9" for pier fishing, ok for tog and smaller schoolies, will have issues with anything larger. no good for tossing plugs, but you can toss light metal with them -IMO up to 1.5 oz is ok. surprisingly it's a good rod for snagging bunker from pier.
  10. I'd say im worst than when i was making $3.75 stocking shelves for my first official on the book job. Debt and responsibilities wast really a thing at 16.
  11. The no photo or lack of history are sellers i avoid. That being said if its a good deal, Ill insist on having some sort of recourse - insisting on PP GS and me picking up the fee if needed. Otherwise meet up in public place for transaction.
  12. PP Pmt sent.
  13. along the same vein as Biscuit's suggestion - Quesadilla. I also will do a cuban sandwich with my pulled pork similar to your simple sandwich, I make my pulled pork slow roasted in the oven though.
  14. I'll take the VS200