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  1. I find that simms runs large for me while my korkers fit nicely. I size up to next size.
  2. I'll take this
  3. Usangler site aggregates various fishing black friday deals
  4. Washington Generals wouldve been better than Commanders
  5. Size?
  6. I'll take the lot and the mullets. Thanks
  7. I'll take the teramar shipped to 11214 if sox passes
  8. is it clean? the recent reviews havent been so kind.
  9. not much of anything for under $200 a night. Gurney's is showing $835 with taxes and fees. My former co-worker spent a few days there in the summer. of course it wasnt on her dime. She went to a fancy private college with a daughter of a fortune 500 CEO. Funny thing is I camp out out Hither Hills so I'm literally right next to it.
  10. So, heading out to Montauk this Sunday to do a few days of fishing. I have a campsite booked for those days on the beach. Looks like rain is definitively a possibility along with high winds. Weather to drop in the high 40's as well. Thinking I will abandon the camping and just grab a hotel/motel room to hunker down during the rain or for sleep. I am familar with Montauk, just always camped while I fished. Anyone have some places that they frequent that would be ok for a few days. dont need anything fancy. just clean and no bed bugs.
  11. Rhode Island, i live in NY. Beautiful state and you can fish from almost anywhere. People are nice as well.
  12. gotcha, will pass for now. thanks
  13. sorry, think i need to clarify. can only take in one of the 3500 catalinas. is it 280 for 1?
  14. Whats the best you can do for either #1or #2 picked up in brooklyn. Cash payment. Thanks