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  1. Closing the thread thank guys
  2. Sorry for the inconvenience don’t usually sell things on sol sorry for that it will not happen again
  3. Reels were cross posted sold on first half hour of posting can’t figure out how to close thread
  4. Sorry guys reels are sold
  5. $750 for zx27 with zx25 spool knob and bag $650 for zx25 with box and bag and knob
  6. How much for jointed
  7. Prices
  8. I hear ya man if I didn’t have them already I’d take them you can re post if you want to
  9. I’ll think about it
  10. I would do 200 for the lot
  11. Are they. Fished
  12. Prices
  13. I’ll do both darts for small Danny
  14. Or I’d do 2 mini darters nip for the Danny