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  1. I'll take 4 and 5
  2. I'll take these Marc
  3. you can also use an outflow/breachway, cast out let the current pull all the line out then steady retrieve back. use a bobber or even a floating plug like a spook with a swivel ahead of it and that should do the trick. or if your on an open sand beach if you can find a cut/rip that should work as well.
  4. hopkins or kastmaster. Can always seem to launch them. also a 2oz afterhours stubby needle, those go quite a ways too.
  5. when snap jigging from boat I'm typically snapping vertically, and have success; i.e. slow steady retrieve with the occasional vertical snap then pickup the slack. I've never really attempted this method from shore much, which now I will haha, are you snapping vertically? or is it more of a horizontal rod motion, or even rod tip down and a pull? or try them all and see what works, which is what I am assuming. Just curious what works for you.
  6. Might as well give this thread a bump. Gotta love delivery day, fresh batch of gliders and a box of new & new to me of recent purchases over the last month or two that I need to get organized and get wet.
  7. Definitely fluke / flounder. Fun to catch but overly hyped for food. Much prefer black seabass or tog or even scup/porgy. The rest of my family think I'm crazy that I don't enjoy fluke as much as they do.
  8. @Dan Tinman sorry forgot to notify you on my post above. No rush if you did see it haha. thanks again as always!
  9. Hey Dan, can I get some items made in TIN unpainted: 1 of each all three sizes Squids with green tube tail 1 of each all three sizes Squids with white tied hook 1 of each all three sizes Peanuts with green tube tail 1 of each all three sizes Peanuts with white tied hook thanks! -Luca
  10. For me: Inshore fish - Tog and black seabass Offshore - swordfish / billfish
  11. definitely around, could see the activity on the south side areas of buzzards bay. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get in on any action as I was tied up working all weekend. Things should be heating up quite a bit more in the very near future.
  12. I've got one in each line class for 7ft and 7.5ft and in the Muskie rods. Love them. Held up great for me over the years and cheap. Use them for boat inshore bottom fishing, kayaks, and back bay shores.
  13. Exactly why I keep it simple with just 3 or 4 marks haha. The lower slot limit, upper slot limit, and a couple dream marks haha
  14. It essentially has though? Gulp, procure, plugs with scent holes drilled in for you to insert whatever smelly jelly you want,.mehaden oil, etc. Problem is the handling of these items and residual aftersmells. I've definitely had nights where too much bug spray on my hands/gear i think has effected things. Possibly just me being mental/overthinking but a good rinse down with freshwater then back out on the water without bug spray and like magic I catch again.
  15. Electric tape on rod at certain key measurements (slot size lower then upper, and a couple dream marks haha) Then I keep a fabric sewing tape rolled up in one of my pockets just in case I want to be more precise for whatever reason. On my shorter rods for bottom fishing and fluking I picked up some vinyl decals from ebay that are rulers that give 1" marks for a 3ft length and I adhered to the back of the rods and I can accurately use my rod as a ruler.