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  1. Really enjoyed C44. One of the better ipas I've had in a while.
  2. I think the super session was approx. $20 for a 12 pack? 12 oz cans. I don't think they will have a long shelf life, very light flavor. The Foley, upper pass and browns were all nice surprise. I have not tried many of them before, would buy all 3 again.
  3. Enjoyed the super session 8 more than the sip. Still good beer, very easy to find. Saw cases available all over vt. The mastermind is great. Tastes lighter (both hop and malt flavor) than I remember from last year. I like it better than second fiddle (too much malt backbone for me). The skadoosh was interesting. Different hop profile...summit hops I think. The heady tastes dull and boring. More bitter than the others. The foam pavement is likely my favorite from this batch. And yes, I wear the pink helmet after a few too many, lol. Safety first.
  4. There is more than one can, just didn't post the pics, lol.
  5. Tough decision...just got back from fun road trip.
  6. Very nice.
  7. Not a bad evening so far
  8. Coconut ipa? Haven't had one like that since stone released a nasty one years ago. Sorry. Waste of other half.
  9. Not bad. Happy Friday!
  10. Lol...thanks
  11. Thank you sir
  12. 11 gallons of homebrewed funk. 2 different sours, each aged 1 year. Kegged them both today. Looking forward to the weekend!
  13. Enjoying the equilibrium stuff.
  14. Cheers