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  1. Looking into buying one, do these hold up in the surf? Looking for longevity not 1-2 seasons.
  2. Plug id? Found this walking the bay.
  3. Puppy bear. 1 yr old
  4. Found this the other day it looks real old. Made of wood.
  5. bunker in the bays n and s, seals are everywhere
  6. 1999 xj. I want another, thing has been so good to me
  7. Yessir north shore Oahu is home for me. I got the pass this year and followed the bass down the south shore. With all the time on my hands this year I fell in love.fishery is truly a blessing here and I’ve been doing my best to protect/respect it.
  8. Thank you this is exactly what I was looking for, grew up in Hawaii this is my second year in the surf and I’m kind of a loner so I just observe and don’t really go out of my way to talk to people because of COVID.
  9. What’s the hype? Only combo I see out on the sand beaches and it looked like it produced a whole lot of skunk.
  10. Do it
  11. Wait till u see the other one..