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  1. Its a lifetime teton angler kayak. You think I'll be fine if I paddle baits out?
  2. so youre saying that ill get put on cnn and get cancelled if i handle the shark the wrong way?
  3. Im gonna fish for shark/striper from IBSP (NJ) this spring/summer. I want to try kayaking my bait out on my kayak since that seems to be what most experienced people do. I got this kayak: * Will I be able to kayak bait out safely with this kayak? What should I do to be more safe while kayaking it out? Any other tips?
  4. How much does it cost for an open boat there per person? How long is the trip also?
  5. What do charters usually supply you with?
  6. You can probably buy a replacement plate for the one that got scratched for a few hundred bucks. On ebay or call the manufacturer.
  7. Is a full day tog fishing charter for $90 per person worth it right now in New Jersey. Thinking about taking a charter on Mimi VI. How much fish are usually caught per person on blackfish charters and how many keepers?
  8. When will they be cheapest in the time before spring run?
  9. Morris county
  10. What do you mean by next black friday? The one in a year?
  11. alright thanks
  12. I've been fishing for about a year now, and surf fishing for half a year. Since its Christmas season, I'm intending on getting a new rod and reel for fishing from the surf in NJ (mostly for striper). I have a budget of about 300$ to buy a surf rod and reel. I will mainly be using it for throwing lures but I also want to be able to put bait on it and just wait for a fish to bite. What rod and reel do you guys reccomend and where and when do you reccomend I buy it. Also, if anyone has a Van Staal, ZeeBaas, or similar reel for sale in NJ can you message me if you would be willing to sell for around 200$? Thanks for the help.