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  1. where do you dive mostly im located in southern NH if your ever looking for any one
  2. yes and my other black torque does not have the line capacity written on the rotter
  3. yes but what does the H stand for? was this the first reel made in 2009?
  4. Serial number H090001 this serial number seems unique to me. if it is can some one explain
  5. Im booking a trip to island point lodge next summer
  6. Im looking for suggestions on a fly fishing rod and reel for King salmon fishing in Alaska. nothing to fancy and only requirement is that i can carry it on the plane (4-piece). i was thinking 8-9 wt. so that way i can still use it for stipers
  7. 30
  8. Will the gears from a fathom 2 (4.8:1) fit in the older fathom?
  9. You dont need any fancy rod for jigging just a one piece rod that's 7 or 7.5 ft. and that can handle a jig. a budget rod that i first started with was an ugly stick 8ft i eventually had it cut down to a 7.5 ft rod because i felt it was to soft ( personal preference). i believe they are the big water series now. take a look at them. if you get an 8 ft rod just make sure you are comfortable with it. no matter what rod you get practice casting a home with it!!!!!! casting jigs can make the difference in, if you catch or not. like i said before try to stay away from short rods, it may make fish easier ( it has less leverage on you) but it doesnt help you get a bite. a long rod keeps you line away from the boat, casting is further, and a long sweeping motion when jigging is effortless. the fathom is a great reel and that is a little secret that not to many people talk about is that them and the torque both have thrust bearings in the lever drag series. and I believe they are the only one to do this. okuma shimanos and avets have that problem of side plate loading under high loads Jigs: just keep it simple don't need to buy to many. have a selection of Pink ( squid), silver (every bait fish is white or silver, and Glow ( night time or early morning bite ) sizes have a range from 6 to 12oz styles diamond jig ahi assasin, or a hammered diamond jig flat fall jig flat side jig (butter fly jig) I never leave home with out a ahi assault jig 6 oz glow pink flat fall jig 180- 250g hammered diamond jig 10 oz when using jigs try to use a single hook on the jigs or assist hooks riggiing i normally run my leader to a solid ring which the assist hooks are connected to. i then have a split ring i use to change out jigs ( this is for flat falls and flat side jigs ) just make sure your hooks cant tangle with eachother. on the ahi and diomond jigs i just tie to the jig take a look at https://www.****.com/ for jigs they specialize in of shore fishing
  10. i have not fished the gambler so i don't know how stricked they are, but i do fish the voyager and Big Jamaica. the rule of 100 yards or mono I've only seen enforced when setting a chunk line. most of the time jigging we run a leader 2X the length of the fish we are targeting. just as long as your jigging on the opposite side of the boat as everyone chucking never a problem. ( also mates on voyager dont have a long leader on there rods). id call and ask the boat to double check as for rods, reel, line. i typically run a lamiglas triflex 7640 (discontinued) with a penn torque star drag 30 or fathom LD 30 with 65lb powerpro depth hunter. and a 8ft leader of 50-80 lb floro. this combo is great for any jig up to 12 oz. you can really sling it under hand. ive landed blue fin up to 140 lb on it. but it has a nice flex under 15 lb of drag for the head shakes i like the long rod for casting and it helps keep the line away from the boat when fighting a fish. getting good at casting a jig is really help full thats why when u see a lot of people jig fishing for tuna they have longer rods especially on big boats. it lets you work the fish even if it goes under the boat. i cant tell you the amount of times ive seen people using the 5-6.5 ft shimano "jigging rods" and get screwed when they go to lift the head of the fish and it takes a run under the boat and they break off on the hull of the boat. a party boat jigging rod should have the back bone to control the fish and the flex for the head shakes. ( dont be that guy going up and down the boat cause you cant control your fish ( you will loose it cause some ****** wont reel up there line)) the other rod ive started using is a seeker Hercules 50-100, with a penn torque 40, with 600 yards of Berkley pro spec hollow spliced to 100 lb leader definitely over kill for yellow fin, but perfect for blue fin and big eye. this is a 7 foot rod. spinning i would only go with if you are going on a small private boat and that's a whole other topic. reels you want a reel thats around 36-40 inches a turn and 4:1 or 5.4:1, seems to move the jig nice and give you the torque to reel in a fish especially if its a star drag. avets are great i use to use the raptors but if you don't do preventative matiniance to them, they seem to corrode fast. i was doing 30 trips a year and they didn't last long. ive had really good luck with Penn torques and fathoms. 30 and 40 sizes. people also like the us 113n accurate makes a nice product and guys seem to like that to. also a narrow reel makes line management much easier. so keep that in mind.
  11. Yeah do not recommend 5 hours at 30lb of drag and 12 miles of chasing it down we where chasing school size fish that day but you cant choose what bites lol
  12. the one i posted in the picture is the 6'8 nothing wrong with it IMO one of the best blanks out there cant wait to see the finished product
  13. Tontine in rye. capt matt or pat will definitly make your trip. the is also licensed for 12 so its a bigger boat than a 6 pack and doesn't cap your party to just 6pp as for the fishing it would depend on the time of year you want to go. i would subject making it a bottom fishing trip/tuna/shark. as bass can be hard to find during some time of the year.
  14. i've been doing a lot of knot testing with 50lb braids PP, PPSS, brkly pro spec, tufline. i know im not going to get 100% line strength but im aiming for 80-85% (40lb) the most ive been able to get is 37.5 lb out of the unit to uni ive tried many amount of wraps and so far for 50 ive found 6-8 with 4 stand braids and 8-10 with 8 strand braid to be the best. also wetting a knot does help