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  1. the one i posted in the picture is the 6'8 nothing wrong with it IMO one of the best blanks out there cant wait to see the finished product
  2. Tontine in rye. capt matt or pat will definitly make your trip. the is also licensed for 12 so its a bigger boat than a 6 pack and doesn't cap your party to just 6pp as for the fishing it would depend on the time of year you want to go. i would subject making it a bottom fishing trip/tuna/shark. as bass can be hard to find during some time of the year.
  3. i've been doing a lot of knot testing with 50lb braids PP, PPSS, brkly pro spec, tufline. i know im not going to get 100% line strength but im aiming for 80-85% (40lb) the most ive been able to get is 37.5 lb out of the unit to uni ive tried many amount of wraps and so far for 50 ive found 6-8 with 4 stand braids and 8-10 with 8 strand braid to be the best. also wetting a knot does help
  4. Wondering how everyone splices braid? UNI to UNI most common but the weakest and slips with smooth braid Bimni to cats paw to bimni long knot Fg or albright to mono and then another fg or albright
  5. Gotcha yeah those tuna on the west coast make no sense I haven’t been but know plenty of people who have made the trip and they use Avet sx and Mx for 100 lb blues
  6. That’s debatable, have you ever caught a GT or even a 30lb jack or a big Amberjack. I’ve caught jacks and amberjacks and when you have a reels drag maxed out so they don’t wreck you is a lot more of a challenge than fighting a tuna in open water. Nomad created there own lures because regular tackle was not holding up to there fishing. nothing wrong with the Saragossa I’ve personally just seen people loose big eye and blue fin because the drag knob would turn mid fight and got straight to max drag striped bass and blues don’t fight nearly as hard as ally of the southern spiecies
  7. My vote is a penn slammer 7500 or 8500 a lot of the charter guys on cape cod use them rods Hard to beat jigging world rods for popping
  8. im trying to make a better version of the Electra mate one do u happen to know the thread on this adaptor
  9. Looking to build an adaptor to allow me to use an electric drill to wind up my lines when deep dropping 800+ft. any one know the thread pattern for the nut that holds the handle to the reel. the nut that screws in to the gear sleeve?
  10. https://www.berkley-fishing.com/products/prospec-prem-saltwater-braid-1347832
  11. Has anyone had experience using Berkley pro braid. i'm looking in to switching to this line. 50,65,80lb
  12. at the end of the fight we turned the drag way up that two of us had to hold it on the rail
  13. i would stay away from a complete graphite or carbon fiber rod for chunking. a composite is the way to go i currently run a phenix asis rods they are buit with a composite blends of S-glass, T-16 carbon fiber and graphite. i also use the older lamigas triflex series of rods. the graphite is great because it provides sensitivity and strength to the rod and the glass provides the flex. cant say enough about the axis rods used the same one i use at the canyons for trolling and swords (HAX680X3H) to land a 100 inch Blue fin off the cape had to use the rail of my buddies boat and max drag to land the fish if it didnt break then i have complete faith in composite rods