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  1. My buddy got a new 2021 Outback. Like I always suggest new kayak owners to do, take it out in warm calm water and flip it. Learn it’s tipping points, how to right it and self rescue. If you can’t self rescue on a a calm lake in July with an empty kayak, no way you’re doing it fully rigged in a rough October ocean. I had the pleasure of recording him really giving the Outback a good evaluation.
  2. Apparently there is some big Hobie announcement planned for today at ICAST
  3. Hobie Passport Store it outside, upside down, off the ground, in the shade or covered to keep the sun off of it.
  4. I guess this is more appealing to all the freshwater bass guys.
  5. I’m almost embarrassed I started this post!
  6. That's cool. As I read the website, it sounds like the patent is around the hinged mount that allows it to retract up. I can believe that element of this is patent-able.
  7. How big are these small bolt cutters?
  8. He's been kayaking for about 4 or 5 years. He plays soccer and is in good shape for his age but beyond that an ordinary Joe. We regularly jump in the water with the kids when we are just out cruising around that lake so we are both accustomed to climbing in and out of kayaks. This was a brand new kayak so he wanted to experience how hard it would be to right it and climb back in.
  9. An even better reason for everyone to get out and practice self-rescue. He was doing this for his own purposes and I decided to record it.
  10. You are correct. This wasn't set up to be verifiable fishing stability test. Just, let's see how this thing does in a few circumstances and where the tipping points may be. Doing crazy things on a kayak that you would never attempt in a fishing circumstances just creates some data points. The main thing I was trying to do by posting this is get people out and do it themselves. Sure the perfect thing to do would be to take a fully loaded kayak out in the rough seas and flip it. But the reality is that 90% of new kayak fisherman NEVER even do a self rescue in a calm lake. We need to encourage people to at least do that, not tell them "its a waste of time and doesn't prove anything".
  11. I think he's around 5'7" or 5"8" That "righting it from below" technique was something I had never heard of but he saw it online somewhere and wanted to try it. I was surprised how well it worked and plan on trying it myself.
  12. @buddha162 How old is your i11s? I think it's a great platform, but my buddy has had his 4 years, taken good care of it and it developed an internal leak that's irreparable. Another one of your fishing partners had the same thing happen to his after about the same time period, but his was a bit more abused. Hobie wasn't willing to warranty or do anything for either of them. After seeing this twice, I'm now very hesitant of recommending the inflatable Hobies unless you go into it with the idea its a 4-5 year product life and then its in the trash.
  13. I really think your best option is a 2013 or earlier Outback. A very stable platform and the seat is the old style which is low so you’re at the water line. It’s not going to be as comfy as the newer seats. I think you’re going to have to strike a compromise between being low to the water and a very comfortable seat.
  14. I have an OK Scrambler I bought new back around 1997 that we still use today. It's a great kayak, but I would NEVER recommend it to someone over 200 lbs who falls out of a old town predator. I've put bigger guys in the scrambler who are new to kayaking and they fall out so fast it's hard to believe! I think the OP has difficult set of criteria to meet. If he want's stable and close to the water, his best option may be an older Outback pre-vantage seat. But those seats aren't what most people consider "comfortable".
  15. Check out the Hobie Lynx
  16. I bought a smallish waterproof box and filled it with the stuff I know I’ll use. I keep it in my crate, but I also carry it with me other places it might come in handy.
  17. That's what I do. Use a cheap disposable one (though I've been using it for years) in the kayak that I don't care what happens to it. In the car, I keep a hard cooler with fresh ice. I dump all the slimly bloody water out of the cheap one and transfer the catch to the hard cooler for the ride home.
  18. I don't see why you couldn't just replace it with a cam strap. Just tighten it up to the tension you need.
  19. This shouldn't be that hard, so I figured something was amiss here. I looked into it and I was SHOCKED to find out that Thule has completely changed their classic square bar system. Here is an excerpt I found on eTrailer which is a great source of information: the new Thule SquareBar that have a slot in the bottom like the aero style bars. The old Thule square load bars have been discontinued and replaced with the SquareBar like # TH712400. This bar is not designed for the older wrap around style mount but will use the channel mount like the aero bars were already using. With the older square bars, you just buy the feet and you can put any length bar you want. Not so with the new system! Since it's slotted within a particular range. You are going to want to check this but based on a bit of research and what I know, I would get this setup: Malone SteelTop Roof Rack - Square Crossbars - Raised, Factory Side Rails - Steel - 58" Long It's similar to the old Thule design and if 58" is quite long enough, I assume you can shift the bars to one side. Alternatively, you could look on eBay for some of the classic parts. I hope this helps. I'm really glad I found this out. I won't be upgrading my Thule rack when I get a new car, I'll just swap it over.
  20. Congratulations! That awesome! I'm guessing the weather stripping and tape is to protect the kayaks rubbing against the pilings?
  21. Does anyone know anything about this? I just heard about it. Kayaker remains missing 1 week after mysterious disappearance on South Shore Posted May 09, 2020 The NYPD is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Jonathan Derbyshire, 27, after his kayak overturned in Raritan Bay on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of NYPD) Facebook Share Twitter Share 1,025 shares By Staten Island Advance STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A 27-year-old man still has not been found after he went missing while kayaking in the waters off of Staten Island last Saturday, according to police. Jonathan Derbyshire, 27, of Huguenot Avenue, was last seen on May 2 at about 3 p.m. in a kayak on Raritan Bay. A spokesman for the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information said on Saturday that there were no updates in the investigation. Police previously asked for the public’s help to locate Derbyshire. Police described Derbyshire as white, about 5′10″ tall, weighing about 185 pounds with a muscular build. He has hazel eyes, brown hair and a tattoo of an American flag tattoo on his forearm. He was seen wearing a grey bathing suit. The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its “all night” search last Sunday morning for the kayaker that went missing in Raritan Bay. NYPD divers were part of a search team for the Derbyshire in the area of Arbutus Avenue and Nicolosi Drive near Wolfe’s Pond Park, Prince’s Bay, police said. The Coast Guard was called at about 3:12 p.m. on May 2 when three kayaks -- each with one person on board -- all overturned in Raritan Bay. A Good Samaritan rescued two of the kayakers from the water, but Derbyshire was unaccounted for when emergency crews arrived on the scene. After receiving the call on Saturday, Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook launched a response boat that arrived on scene and began searching for the third kayaker. People with information are encouraged to contact the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-8477 (TIPS) or for Spanish, 1-888-577-4782 (PISTA). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then entering TIP577. All calls are strictly confidential.
  22. Sounds like you just need to wash it and retreat it with a spray waterproofing.
  23. I totally missed that was in 2020
  24. It's $350 for a 180 Mirage Drive Spline, it's only $35 for a V2/GT spline. You have a GT so unless you want to upgrade to a 180, it should only cost you $35.