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  1. My thought was to use the 4 molded inserts more as positioning, but design it so most of the torque and thrust gets transmitted through the rear grab handle.
  2. Hmmm.... I hadn't considered the "starting it" issue. I was at the AC Boat Show this weekend and saw a NuCanoe with a gas outboard on it. That's what got me thinking. Having one on a Outback would be near perfect. I'd use the outboard to quickly get to far off spots and then use the mirage drive to move around while fishing.
  3. I finally got an in person look at the 2019 Outback. With the flat back, under-boat rudder, molded inserts for a powerpole and that solid grab handle, it looks like it would perfect to create a simple strong mount for a small gas powered outboard. You could like it in place and steer with the rudder, tilt up the motor and have all the normal functionality of the Outback. I don't think you'd have to drill a single hole in the kayak! Thoughts?
  4. I have an Old OK Scrambler weights maybe 45 lbs. Easy and light to move around, like nothing at all. I HATE to fish out of it. I have an Outback, a lot heavier, but I LOVE to fish out of it. You just need the right equipment and technique to make moving it manageable. I use a Hullavator, some kayak stands and various carts.
  5. Jon made a FB post about this. Here it is: I am aware that the park is sending out notices casting a ? over the event. There is no new info at this time but we are looking into it. Please hold your reservations for now. There is no way that I can return 100's of calls and emails. All things will be addressed here. Thank you.
  6. If corrosion resistance is you're #1 criteria, go with a Spydeco Salt Series knife made with H1 steel. It's completely corrosion-proof in saltwater. I realize that's a bold claim, but it's factual.
  7. I like to have a blunt tip in a sheathed that doesn’t require anything to press or squeeze. The Gerber River Shorty seems the way to go. I wish Spyderco would come out with another PTD knife, but the caspian didn’t sell well so I don’t think it will happen. Though the Spyderco Enuff Salt could work.
  8. I have a TI. Reverse on that is mandatory! With trampolines and 4 people on it, it would be a nightmare to maneuver that without reverse!
  9. So after reading everyone's posts and reading up on things. I think the best value all around single setup would be: OKUMA Epixor 40 paired with an Ugly Stick Tiger Elite 6'9" M. All in about $135 less line. Thoughts?
  10. You can make a claw anchor with a breakaway release. Just tie the rope to the bottom of the anchor and zip tie it to the top. If it gets stuck,the zip tie will break and you'll pull the anchor free. But, anchors in current or big swells are a safety hazard.
  11. You can certainly do just fine without it, but it is sure nice to have.