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  1. I need your dealers. Best I got was 8% off. Everyone else was list price, unless it was last year's model.
  2. Hobie really doesn't allow their dealers to discount their kayaks. Hobie controls market pricing so tightly you can't even get free shipping on Hobie parts from on-line retailers that offer it on all other products. I'm not saying dealers won't ever offer a deal at all, but in my experience it's been few and far between and when they do, I think they are putting their dealership at risk and it won't be a whole lot. The caveats to this that I have seen are discounts on: Volume purchases (like if a club get 10 members to buy kayaks from a dealer) Demo boats Previous year's model. On the one hand you may not like that you have to pay list price, but on the other it takes away the "waiting for a deal" or "I could have gotten it cheaper" stress. Also, if you are really set on a certain color, you want to buy early. When I got my 2013 Outback, I looked to buy it in July. I called 3 dealers and only 1 had the color I wanted at that point in the year. Most dealers are only getting 1 or 2 shipments in a year and when the color is gone, you're mostly out of luck. This makes shopping for a deal even more difficult if you're picky on color. Realizing the most you're going to save on a current year Hobie is $200 if you really shop around, negotiate, are willing to wait and flexible in color, personally I rather spend that $200 and get what I want, when I want it from a dealer that's local/good.
  3. Hullavator for me.
  4. When we take our nearly annual trip to OBX, I fill up the inside of the kayaks with pool noodles, PFDs, and beach toys just to save space elsewhere in the car!
  5. I've been willing to sacrifice the impact resistance for scratch resistance of glass. It's a trade off, but for me, I'm way more likely to scratch them.
  6. $840! I guess I won't complain about $600. Worst part is with progressive, you can't get them in Glass (at least form Costa)
  7. What software do you keep track of that with?
  8. OMG! You fished more in a year then I do in 10 years! I must have my priorities messed up!
  9. I wear prescription glasses (never worn contacts) and have been wearing Costa Del Mar prescription for the last few years. I need to replace them this year and they are awful expensive running about $600. I wondering if there are any other good options that are a bit cheaper.
  10. What Ugly Stick go you think would pair well with the 40?
  11. Ugly Sticks seem like the "no brainer" option for a rod. It's finding a $50 reel that isn't crap. Have you had good experience with these Okumas?
  12. Really enjoyed the video!
  13. I've been using cam buckle straps for ATVs, kayaks, and all sorts of stuff, covering thousands and thousands of miles for 30 years. I have never once had a cam buckle fail and I still have straps in use that are that old. I'm not saying it couldn't happen but I have way more confidence in them then I do in getting a knot tied right day in and day out in all kinds for conditions. BUT I'm not going to use a Harbor Freight of strap on a primary critical connection.
  14. Unless I get out on a tog charter, I'm done fishing until spring. It's the clean up in the dark and freezing temps that kills me!
  15. Nice video. I had considered buying Thule's version of that, but the roof rack placement and rear spoiler on my 4Runner wasn't going to work with it. I end up getting a Hullavator, but this looks even easier..