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  1. All the Torqeedo stuff is cool, but it's way too high of a price point and I hear constant horror stories of failures, poor customer service and inability to have the product reasonably repaired. I wanted some sort of power on my Tandem Island for added safety if I go off shore. I considered some Torqeedo products but I coulnd't justify the cost. I got a 2.5hp Suzuki outboard for $800. I could dump 3 of them in the ocean and still be ahead.
  2. That looks like a short fluke.
  3. It's not backwards compatible with the existing models. My guess is that it'll just be on the PAs and likely the a special version of the Outback. I saw the patent for this and it looks like there the mechanism to adjust direction is through a knob on top of the steering handle. So some type of gear or pulley. system to engage with it.
  4. I have a Hero 4 Silver. For those and earlier models, you can get a waterproof back with an external power cord pass through. I connect that to a powerbank in a waterproof case. Get's me around 5 hours of record time. What I do, is run on the 5 minute loop mode. It records in 1 minute blocks. After 5 minutes of recording, minutes 6 overwrites minute 1, then minutes 7 overwrites minute 2 etc. This keeps going on in a loop until you stop recording. So I have the camera running then when I hookup, land the fish and then after release, I stop recording, the last 5 minutes are saved, then I start over again. Their are few fish that it takes longer then 5 minutes to hook land and release. So you get the surprise hookup through the release with little wasted video. I have the remote, so that makes it even easier.
  5. This will be my 5th time. I always sleep inside my 4Runner. The first year I just used a couple of yoga matts, that was a bad idea. Next year I investing in a $20 Coleman blowup mattress and brought full size pillow and blankets. Much better. Personally, with the potential rain and wind that can happen on the tarmac, I think in the car is the way to go! Plenty of friendly people to connect and fish with!
  6. I just ordered this case from Amazon for $20. Has some really good reviews and passed the check on fakespot. I'll probably use the normal band at work (office job) and slip it in this for the weekend. I figure the the watch is already waterproof and the glass is way more scratch resistant then that on my Timex. So just getting some bumpers around it and the glass below a bumper will be good enough. Should help me close some rings! Apple Watch 4 Case 44mm 2018, SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case with Strap Bands for Apple Watch Series 4
  7. I just got a new Apple Watch. Wondering if anyone wears one while kayak fishing. How do you keep it from getting beat up? Anything particular you use it for?
  8. I'll add a few more from my personal experience that jammed me up: Underestimating currents and or wind Overheating, can't really take layers off from inside a dry-suit in the open ocean Seasickness For me, the last two became a catch 22 I had too many layers on, then when moving I was overheating, when I stopped to cool off the big swells made me seasick, Not a great situation. Now in the spring or fall, I dress for what the warmest weather of the day if I'm in my dry- suit out front. Being chilly ain't fun, but better then a heat stroke. I also need to remember that my pfd adds a good bit of insulation all by itself.
  9. I love that knife. Someone on this board tipped us off a couple NIB were for sale on eBay at reasonable prices. I got one. Wish I got two!
  10. Good early season fluke. If the wind isn't blowing at all there, the no-see-ums will eat you alive!
  11. The back bays in Brigantine near you are where I got my start. Plenty of shallow water and sod banks to bail out onto if you get into trouble.
  12. At least this concern has been debunked!
  13. Last year I added a PLB. I was finding myself alone a mile or more offshore in the fall. I figured it was cheap insurance. If you're in Fresh water or a bay, probably not as big of a deal.
  14. I looked into the Showdown and I would say "hard pass" It has no lift assist at all so, you'd be lifting the full weight of the Outback. Reviews aren't great at all and it definitely sounds like the heavier the kayak the worse to operation.
  15. I can't post links, but google "Nomadic research labs kayak stand". The guy who runs the site used to sell the slings and you build the frame with PVC. He stopped selling the slings but all the information is there on sizes, materials etc.