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  1. I was hoping, as an i11s owner, you were going to chime in here. Have you ever surf launched your i11s?
  2. It was an honest question, I wasn't suggesting it was going to be good, I just wanted to understand the "why" behind the design. That all makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  3. What in the design would make this bad for surf launching?
  4. This is a very interesting platform! Let's hear your thoughts as a saltwater fishing machine!!
  5. There were 8 of us in our group that fished RB NJ side on Saturday, Launching right around 8 am. We quickly found Bluefish in the shallows, about 7 ft. In our group, it went from 1 guy getting skunked and one guy landing about 10 fish. They ranged in size from about 24" to 36". We saw a TON of fish but they were super picky and we couldn't put together any consistency. The most productive lure seemed to be white SP minnows or similar. Most fish were caught trolling or casting once we found fish. If you found fish, you had to work to get them to bite. It was a magnificent day on the water!
  6. Beautiful! Did you catch anything?
  7. I could see that with the Chef! My is relegated to dinners and BBQs LOL! My Siren came with a burnt edge. First time I got a knife like that. The factore edge was terrible and I couldn't do anything to correct it on my sharpmaker. I finally put it on my KME and re-profiled it. Then it became the knife I had hoped it would me. It hasn't gotten much pocket time, but soon!
  8. I'm patiently waiting for an LC200N Dragonfly! I'll probably get that in a PE, though. I have a SpydieChef, Native 5, and Siren in LC200N. The Chef isn't for fishing and the other two are nice, but I still like my Dragonfly. Now if they come out with a Lil' Native, LC200N, that will be MY knife!
  9. I'm going to echo what a lot of people have said about Spyderco. I have a small collection but I have a LOT of the Salt Series. The one that I like the most for fishing is the Dragonfly Salt Serrated Edge. it's light, corrosion-proof, and makes short work of bleeding fish. It's an impressive knife for the size.
  10. Every state has different knife laws. You can google search it but NJ isn't bad, just prohibits autos and daggers. New Jersey Knife Laws At a Glance: New Jersey law prohibits the possession “without any explainable lawful purpose” of any “gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, dangerous knife or ballistic knife.” Possession of a weapon in one’s home is arguably a “lawful purpose.” Pocketknives may be carried outside the home, except by one having unlawful intent, or who possesses the knife for some unlawful purpose. Self-defense beyond the limits of one’s home is not a lawful purpose.
  11. When the blues are hungry all the expensive and stuff with treble hooks stay in the kayak. Single hook metal is the way to go.
  12. If I were going out 1-3 miles, I'd either want a pedal kayak or something that was fast and easy to paddle. You said you don't want a pedal kayak and you want to stand up. That kind of keeps you in a wide barge that will be brutal to paddle far into the wind. I think you are going to need to compromise on something here.
  13. Fresh water rinse after every use. I have a 2013 with the original cables. Lube does more harm than good.
  14. Just make sure you have enough battery power to get back. You don't want your battery to die a long way off and have to paddle back.
  15. I spend a lot of time in AC so if you need any tips let me know. As far a charters go, there aren't a lot of party boats the leave out of AC. The Highroller is one of the few I know of. Better options out of Ocean City or Cape May, but you'll have to travel a good distance to get there. A great bait shop in the area, Brigantine, which is just a couple miles away is Riptide Bait & Tackle. Give them a call, they likely have more insights on charter boats nearby.