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  1. This will be my 5th time. I always sleep inside my 4Runner. The first year I just used a couple of yoga matts, that was a bad idea. Next year I investing in a $20 Coleman blowup mattress and brought full size pillow and blankets. Much better. Personally, with the potential rain and wind that can happen on the tarmac, I think in the car is the way to go! Plenty of friendly people to connect and fish with!
  2. I just ordered this case from Amazon for $20. Has some really good reviews and passed the check on fakespot. I'll probably use the normal band at work (office job) and slip it in this for the weekend. I figure the the watch is already waterproof and the glass is way more scratch resistant then that on my Timex. So just getting some bumpers around it and the glass below a bumper will be good enough. Should help me close some rings! Apple Watch 4 Case 44mm 2018, SUPCASE Rugged Protective Case with Strap Bands for Apple Watch Series 4
  3. I just got a new Apple Watch. Wondering if anyone wears one while kayak fishing. How do you keep it from getting beat up? Anything particular you use it for?
  4. I'll add a few more from my personal experience that jammed me up: Underestimating currents and or wind Overheating, can't really take layers off from inside a dry-suit in the open ocean Seasickness For me, the last two became a catch 22 I had too many layers on, then when moving I was overheating, when I stopped to cool off the big swells made me seasick, Not a great situation. Now in the spring or fall, I dress for what the warmest weather of the day if I'm in my dry- suit out front. Being chilly ain't fun, but better then a heat stroke. I also need to remember that my pfd adds a good bit of insulation all by itself.
  5. I love that knife. Someone on this board tipped us off a couple NIB were for sale on eBay at reasonable prices. I got one. Wish I got two!
  6. Good early season fluke. If the wind isn't blowing at all there, the no-see-ums will eat you alive!
  7. The back bays in Brigantine near you are where I got my start. Plenty of shallow water and sod banks to bail out onto if you get into trouble.
  8. At least this concern has been debunked!
  9. Last year I added a PLB. I was finding myself alone a mile or more offshore in the fall. I figured it was cheap insurance. If you're in Fresh water or a bay, probably not as big of a deal.
  10. I looked into the Showdown and I would say "hard pass" It has no lift assist at all so, you'd be lifting the full weight of the Outback. Reviews aren't great at all and it definitely sounds like the heavier the kayak the worse to operation.
  11. I can't post links, but google "Nomadic research labs kayak stand". The guy who runs the site used to sell the slings and you build the frame with PVC. He stopped selling the slings but all the information is there on sizes, materials etc.
  12. Google search:Thule Hullavator 897XT vs 898, but I posted most of the site below. If anything, the new Hullavator should fit better then the old. Quick Look: Comparison Table Hullavator 897XT Hullavator 898 Best for On a budget, don't mind shopping for used. Latest & greatest, available New. Kayak Compatability Thule specs say 36 inch, but manufactuerer comments say 34. Users say 34-38 but several disagree that 36ers will fit - could depnd on contour. Thule specs say 36 and users say 36 - 38 with confidence, various review note it is larger. Thule claims upgraded size despite identical specs. Installation Easy installation process. Very secure. Also easy and secure. According to Youtube videos, there is an extra plastic wedge-like piece that can be used in installation. Not required - not a feature as much as a packing point. Roof Rack Compatibility Thule Square, professional series (now called ProRacks), Aeroblade with adapter (reviews on adapter say it's easy, and Xadapt 11 is made by Thule), Xsporter, Yakiomo Round Bars, Rapid Areo Thule Square, Aeroblade, Xsporter, Yakiomo Round Bars and Rapid Areo. As with 897XT, not compatible with other brands or manufactuerer's bars because of sideload tension. Asthetic More silver, huge Thule logos Slightly more black vs silver, much smaller Thule logo makes it look more modern Pads for Kayak Slightly smaller Appears from photos that there is an extended padding on the cradle, appears to be an awkward fit with smaller kayaks Availability Discontinued. Not available on Amazon,, Thule or any other websites I found. Available used on Ebay and other resalers. Available fro Thule, MEC, Amazon. Max Load 75 lbs (or else jeopardize waranty), gas struts lift 40 lbs of the weight 75 lbs (or else jeopardize waranty), gas struts lift 40 lbs of the weight Locking Features Recommended with SRS lock which is an older but unproblematic model. Requires multiple keys for multiple locks. Also compatible with 1 lock and other new lock designs. Reconmended with 1 key lock. Compatable with all Thule locks. One key is convenient but users are concerned about copy keys.
  13. I think there is very little practical difference between the old and new hullavatorss. At least from what I've seen.
  14. This is a photo I found on the web, so not my picture but exactly the same stands. I have a set of these stand and use them to stage the kayak before I lift it into the Hullavator. With the kayak already about 2 feet off the ground, it's easier to list from that point.
  15. Sorry, I wasn't intending to suggest that they were trying to deceive you, just, What I was getting at is that the stated specs are that the 2 won't work together and out of the box, there may be some issues, so they may be taking a CYA approach. If I were in your shoes, I'd be doing the same thing. I wouldn't want to spend $3500 on an experiment to find out their isn't a workable solution. I have a 4Runner which is probably close in height to the Sequoia, that's what forced me to get a Hullavator. When I first got my Hullavator, I almost returned it because dead-lifting the Outback off the ground in one move into the cradles, even hanging on the side was going to kill my back. I ultimately found a solution where I put the kayak up on stands and then lift from there. An extra step, but it saves my back. Another option is the Thule Outrigger or the Yakima Boatloader. Essentially the same thing, a bar that slides out the side to assist in loading. I have both and used them before I got the Hullavator. I prefer the Hullavator since I can load the kayak right side up and I don't have to climb all of the the SUV to tie it down, but these assist bars will get the job done. Hopefully someone will post their experiences with they Hullavator and the 2019 Outback and how they got it to work.