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  1. WTB a handle/ butt for Model avss96mhf2 Avid St. Croix . thank you.
  2. thank you.
  3. WTB a handle/ butt for Model avss96mhf2 Avid St. Croix . thank you.
  4. i want to post that on the buy and sell section but i am to new to this forum & don't have enough posts.
  5. Yes > St Croix is great. The sent me the new model as this avid as no longer manufactured. I have 2 of these top sections that i want to keep and use if i could pair it with an Avid Butt.
  6. yes its the original, i have 2 of them. Selling it would be a last resort if i cant find a matching handle. Thank you.
  7. Thank you, What i left out is I did go through st croix, They no longer make the Avid model i have. So they did replace with the new model . I got the 11footer last week, which i am thrilled with. But that leaves me with 2 top sections ( long story y i have 2) . I don't want to throw them away. I would love to find an original Avid handle. thanks again.
  8. I am looking to replace the butt/handle of a St. Croix Avid surf rod avss96mhf2. It is discontinued from St. Croix so this is my only hope.
  9. haha ty
  10. thank you
  11. Thanks for the welcome to SOL. I guess every question asked by members could either be considered ridiculous or valid. Here I thought it was valid. Thanks for pointing out my error. You could have answered "buying new is always the best way to go", and left off the don't be cheap. This leads me to my next conundrum. Why would SOL have an entire forum of buy and sell, if the answer to all tackle and gear purchases is simply "just buy new, don't be cheap" ? Have you seen that forum? Do you need help commenting on all the WTB posts with your wisdom of just buy new, don't be cheap? I guess in this "SOL village" you are the question asking police. In the future do I need to run questions past you? I am curious, do you hold an official title in this village, or are you just the proverbial village idiot?
  12. Just be a nice person. Don't be an A Hole
  13. thank you
  14. I actually called ebay to confirm process.
  15. thank you