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    Intense Fishing Nerd: Happily willing to put lots of time in the water and to learn what to pay attention to when I am there. I fish, I read, I ask, I learn, I fish.
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    Fishing, Catching Fish, Catching Big Fish
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    I build businesses

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  1. I know...
  2. I’ll take the Bm Eelie, scratched - $40 if available
  3. Bump
  4. I’ll take that Habs needle if it is available, not sure where it stands. And looking for a tally whacker if you have it. Thanks.
  5. Add 5 to my tally if it’s still there. Thanks again.
  6. I will take 7 and 16 if available. not sure where you stand on 6 and 8 will take either of available Thanks
  7. Great. I’ll take it. PM me payment details please.
  8. Size and weight please?
  9. I’m new or good conditions
  10. I’ll take it. PM details please.
  11. If 2, 3 and 4 from the bottom are still snl sola le I will take them. Just PM me with details. thanks!
  12. Stormr dry top does it for me
  13. I’m in. Thanks and Happy Holidays!
  14. I’m in! Merry Xmas
  15. Got my plugs. This thread is now closed. Thanks.