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  1. This is what I use on my kayak. While it does have some drag in the water it is not terrible. I like the fact that if I hit something it folds up protecting the transducer from damage.
  2. I went to Sandy Hook on Saturday to pickup my pass. You need to get it at the lighthouse, last year I picked it up at the guard house at the entrance. Make sure you have the PDF with the QR code downloaded before you go, for some reason I wasn't getting a signal on my phone and couldn't open it. Luckily they were able to look me up using license plate # and last name.
  3. 2023 passes being picked up Fridays starting March 10, 2024 ???
  4. Anyone know why they do not allow clamming on Sundays?
  5. If I don't purchase at a local shop then AvidMax is my go to source.
  6. I read that the Rockland show will take place in Edison starting next year.
  7. I was checked once while fishing at Sandy Hook in the spring
  8. Toss up between SP Minnow and bucktails
  9. Not sure if they still use a warehouse in NJ or not but when I purchased mine they told me it would be shipping from NJ and I asked if I could pick it up and save some cash. They had no issue with that so it not only saved me the shipping cost but I was able to get it in a few days.
  10. With all the great reports I have been seeing from the weekend I decided to head out last night. Fished MOCO out back, caught the end of the incoming but there were no signs of life. Bounced around to 3 different spots with same results. Didn't see any bait or bunker. Moved out front only to find the same. Left around 2:30am taking home the skunk.
  11. Unfortunately no, my saltwater setup is a 9wt. These guys on a 3wt would have been a blast!
  12. Northern MoCo on Sunday. Found a bunch of small blues that were a blast to catch on my fly rod. Also caught a couple of short fluke.
  13. I have an old pair of waders that I wear when fishing freshwater lakes & ponds. I need to invest in a dry suit for the salt so I can fish spring and late fall.
  14. This is 100% no filter. The sky was crazy that night.
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