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  1. My PB is just over 38" caught in New Jersey. I caught on while fishing a large streamer, strip...strip...pause...strip...BOOM! Photo
  2. I had read to keep the teaser leader short to help eliminate it wrapping. I guess it is time to experiment!
  3. Thanks for the feedback. While reading other posts I wasn't sure.
  4. Last fall was the first time that I can actually say I truly surf fished for stripers. I have done it in the past but very sporadically. I had good success last fall when the sand eels were around throwing tins and teasers. I tied my braid to a barrel swivel then I added about 3 feet of mono to a TA clip that I either connected to a plug or tins. From the same spot on the barrel swivel that went to the plug/tin I attached 4 to 6 inches on mono to another TA clip and this is were I attached my teaser. My question is did I attached the teaser to the correct spot on the barrel swivel or should I have attached to the spot where the braid was tied on?
  5. I was out there on Wednesday afternoon into early evening, only saw one other guy fishing. The dredge and barge were there along with a tug but nothing was operating. The rope and signs in the area were 1/2 up and half down. Saw birds working about 200 yards off the beach but couldn't see any fish under them, a couple boats tried along the birds but I didn't see anyone hook up and they didn't stick around long. I managed a couple of dinks just after dark.
  6. Count me IN! Great looking hats.
  7. I was out on a friend's boat on Thursday and saw them take a full barge away from the dredge. The tug took the barge west into RB and not around the hook.
  8. I have a pair of Xbull boards that I picked up on sale from Amazon a while back. I haven't had to use them (yet) but they seem like high quality.
  9. I use a Plano Softsider Tackle Bag that holds the Plano 3600 series trays. It has a couple zippered compartments too.
  10. I never do well in the river I fish for pike when it is high after rain. I think the pike spread out to all the flooded areas. The off color doesn't seem to be an issue because I have done well after rain when the river is low. I just throw big water moving streamers.
  11. What do you want for the Orvis stripping basket by itself?
  12. I use the Rio Fly Clips when using wire pike fishing. Here is the link Rio Fly Clip
  13. I put a small rubber band from the front hook to the back hook. It doesn't stop all the tangles but definitely reduces the number of tangles.
  14. I do the same and I also add in one of those silica gel packets you get when you buy stuff. I change the packet out once in a while.
  15. I have a Battle III that I picked up last fall. So far so good. I really like how it feels and it seems to be holding up well. I wash it down after each trip. Drag seems nice and smooth. I would purchase it again.