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  1. Love the plug building notes!
  2. Thanks, Jig Man! I thought a dense wood would be better for a slow sink. No?
  3. i wanted to do a slow sink and was thinking maple but I only have AYC. : ) guess I will just weight it more. Did you start your design yet? always liked your builds.
  4. Very nice!
  5. No 'problems' yet (aesthetic issue at this point). Made the first attempt out of an 1.5" x 1.5" block. Body is a little wider than I wanted. May need to put more weight than anticipated. Might also try 1.5" x 1" or 1.5" x .75".
  6. this is going to be fun!! dont like the first attempt but learned a few things : )
  7. Sorry for the dealy! I'm in. I never made a glider and always wanted to make a 'Loki-type' slider.
  8. My fluke rigs always have them because I want the tip of the hook to sit slighly below the body of the rubber squid body. reduce the chance of the tip getting burried inthe doy of the squid. Thats just me.
  9. me looking at your posts...