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  1. Cant wait to mess these up : )
  2. Gotta be some kind of record.
  3. Yeah... I'm kinda done with Etex. Never really liked the finish and seemed to have issues with 'spotting' (spotting?). Tried using rubber gloves, a coat of clear, even heat gun. Will probably try Diamond or System three next.
  4. Jersey City
  5. two suspects are believe to be 'down' at bodega. additional shots fired after suspects were down. lots of chatter and staging at this point. crazy stuff!
  6. top 5 for me...
  7. Next plug challenge is a jointed plug. Link is below.
  8. That great!
  9. lol Agreed!
  10. Thanks! I've got the bodies shaped and marked out. Thats it. Hope everything works out with family!
  11. Dig the jig! Well done 45 degrees?
  12. What is the target finish date?
  13. Early on is was Blueshark. Then Greenpoint.
  14. mmmm... butterscotch