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  1. Out front for a bit earlier this morning, oil glass and some good waves. Definitely some schools of bunker that were not too happy but 30 yards out of casting distance. Did find a cocktail blue that decided to swallow half of my 6 1/2” yellow wooden top water plug. All in all, great morning to be outside.
  2. Outback with my son this afternoon, 3 spots and no dice. Saw a few guys soaking worms but not much action there either. At least the sun felt good.
  3. @Basswiperthank you for this, I’ll try a few additional wraps up and down!
  4. @Jim McFeeleythank you Jim. What would be the better knot you are suggesting in the above?
  5. @buddha162 thank you, I will give this version a try as well.
  6. @WindAndWater thank you, I will give this a try as I do use 30-50lb leader and they do stay outside the guides as I have microguide setups on my gear.
  7. Thank you @Eric_S, I will give this a try later and let you know how I made out.
  8. Hello Everyone, I have recently transitioned over to the Alberto knot and wanted to get some opinions on how best to ensure your first 7 wraps stay spaced correctly so you can ensure going back to the loop you can wrap over these. Is this largely dictated by the length of the mono loop you are using? If so, how long of a mono tag end do you use? Any thoughts and guidance would be more than appreciated!
  9. No favorites but I am going to use the early sessions to work on learning a bunch of new plugs I bought over the winter. Even yesterday with all the wind, there are spots that are oil glass and completely protected from the elements.
  10. Fished 3 backwater spots today with my son. No dice but it was good to work off the winter rust and also try a bunch of new goodies. spot with a nice gentleman and he said he had luck on the opener at one spot we fished.
  11. I typically use 20-50 yds of mono backing then fill the spool with braid, ensuring I have at least 300yds of braid to fight any fish I may encounter from the beach. Like many others have mentioned, I buy 1000 yd spools so I have less to worry about when re-spooling.
  12. 10:30AM - 1:30 PM long walk covering a good stretch of beach in Central OC. It was just me at first and then a few others showed up. some blowups outside and what looked like a mini 25 minute blitz happening to my S. landed this cow, good thing I downsized my gear otherwise I may have missed em’ back at it tomorrow.
  13. @imdannoir very nice piece about what was clearly a solid relationship you built with your buddy. Glad to hear you turned it around and started fishing again, I’m sure he is proud. maybe we will cross paths one day on the beach. Until then…
  14. ~130-500 this afternoon, 2 spots and lots of walking in central OC. I threw mostly jig heads and paddle tails given the size of the surf and movement of water. not a tap and there were definitely some nice looking cuts out there. chatted with a guy that lives 3 hrs from here, nice dude. If you decide to stay tonight, hope you catch ‘em up!
  15. Shad, 2 styles, slow retrieve. Bucktail, combo of bump and drag. Top water, swimmers, Hogy eel. I starting laughing as others were catching and I kept casting away!
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