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  1. Keep us posted. Headed down to Buxton on Saturday for the week!
  2. In that range I've been happy with the Fenwick Inshore series.
  3. I'll take these. PM sent.
  4. 832 for me. I have two reels I’m trying Yo Zuri superbraid that has been good so far too.
  5. PM sent. I’ll take it if within reasonable distance.
  6. Weird. I have the same rod and haven't had the issue. I've had a BG3000, Shimano Spheros Inshore 3000, and a SSVI 2500 on it with no issue.
  7. I have the TC2 version. And agreed it wasn’t too long with the spinner before I switched over to conventional for a heaver. So much easier and more comfortable even than trying to use a spinner even with a cannon.
  8. For spinning I started with a Tica 12' 4-10. That handled up to 8oz but I wouldn't go any higher.
  9. I have a rod built on the 13' 6-16 blank. I can lay into 10oz and a nice head with room for more. Should do nicely.
  10. I have a Daiwa x20SHA that the previous owner took all the brake parts out of. I have everything except the brass ring the brakes ride up against while spinning. I looked on SHA and SL0SH part manuals as they both use the same ring, but I can’t see the part on either. does anyone know this part# or the proper name of the ring so I can order from Daiwa? Here is a pic of the part in question in one of my other reels. My finger is touching the part. Thanks.
  11. I'd second that.
  12. I like the Daiwa X30SHA and SL30SH for that application. The centrifugal brakes are easy to get used to. You could downsize to the 20 sizes if you don’t need the capacity.
  13. Good to hear. Tight lines.
  14. Pretty much. The Medium I have is rated 1/8 - 1. I wouldn’t throw more than 3/4-1. Bottom jigging you could probably go a little heavier but I would want the MH to full cast 1 1/2.
  15. In that price range I’ll second the HMG Inshore. I have the Medium and it is well built. For what you are talking about the MH would probably be more applicable.
  16. Not what you are looking for but I hit Daiwa service up recently for some parts and they were extremely helpful and quick to ship.
  17. I'll take the Tica. PM inbound.
  18. Nothing new. Some animals are more equal than others.
  19. Looking for a backup reel for the October drum run. My primary is a X30SHA. I am looking for a used 30 SHA/SHV or SL30SH. I care more about function than aesthetics as long as it good shape. Let’s see what you have.
  20. I’ll take it. PM sent.
  21. Any pics?
  22. Yeah I saw those. Looked like they were all closedbbb
  23. It’s getting close. We’re doing the first week of October in Assateague and the last week of October in Buxton. 13’ Rod Geeks build with a Daiwa 30SHA and 17# Tritanium Plus. Short leaders, fresh mullet and go.
  24. Do you have any pics with them next to a known "normal' same sized hook?
  25. No but I bet someone you know has it. As a previous poster stated a knock might be the easiest first step.