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  1. Outside and wheel wells with hose pretty good and then rotating sprinkler underneath. 5 mins in each quarter and also in the center.
  2. I picked up a new one this year just for this. Tsunami Trophy 2 8'6" 1/2 - 1 1/2oz. It launches 1/2oz and 3/4oz stingsilvers and spoons a country mile. Pretty budget friendly too.
  3. SOL Weathermen... What is the chance this mess they are predicting for this weekend going to swing and be someone else problem? I can't get back down until Sunday.
  4. I can tell you from last weekend the monarchs were everywhere down in AI. Hope that means we're starting.
  5. Added to this that at least with most of the folks I've encountered, a mask and CV seem to be the only thing they are health conscious about. Sorry not sorry, it's hard to take you seriously about your health while you're 400lbs and washing down your McDonalds with a Snickers and liter(S) of soda.
  6. Nope. I'm not wearing a mask to protect someone from their insecurity.
  7. This would be a good pick as well.
  8. In that price range I'd also suggest a UEHA Tica. I used the 4-10oz 12' spinning to get into throwing heavier payloads before going to full on conventional drum rods. Doesn't get much use anymore but will throw up to 6oz and a head no problem.
  9. Fished AI all day yesterday. A couple small sharks and a short flounder. More importantly, the Monarchs are everywhere. We are close. Planning an overnight next Sunday into Monday and hope we see some magic.
  10. Anise. ETA : Beat like a rented mule.
  11. I’ll take it. Please send me payment info by PM. Thanks.
  12. Pm sent with number for pics.
  13. Not sure about the ice and cooler but I bleed fish head down in a bucket of saltwater and then they go in the cooler until I get home to clean.
  14. Nothing but rewarding bad decision making. Around the toilet bowl we go.
  15. That's the one that I picked up! It has totally changed how easy setup and breakdown is. I added a cutting board and new mounts from Gene and haven't looked back. Gaff It is a good guy as well.