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  1. Nothing new. Some animals are more equal than others.
  2. I’ll take it. PM sent.
  3. Any pics?
  4. Yeah I saw those. Looked like they were all closedbbb
  5. Looking for a backup reel for the October drum run. My primary is a X30SHA. I am looking for a used 30 SHA/SHV or SL30SH. I care more about function than aesthetics as long as it good shape. Let’s see what you have.
  6. It’s getting close. We’re doing the first week of October in Assateague and the last week of October in Buxton. 13’ Rod Geeks build with a Daiwa 30SHA and 17# Tritanium Plus. Short leaders, fresh mullet and go.
  7. Do you have any pics with them next to a known "normal' same sized hook?
  8. No but I bet someone you know has it. As a previous poster stated a knock might be the easiest first step.
  9. If you or anyone you know hunts and has the onX app check it out. I use it for hunting. One of the features is it shows property lines as well as who the owner is.
  10. I’d make the kid refer to me by my pronouns of M’lord or if it prefers Your Majesty is also acceptable.
  11. Second this. I have the medium 7' 1/8 - 1 and it is good to go. Good components, pretty light and sensitive, and didn't break the bank.
  12. Donation made. Best to you and your family.
  13. Agree with the above. They work great but have some limitations. They will last for hours of fish but if I leave them on a jig in my hot truck with the rods in hangers they will deform. Haven't had the issues with melting but I am very careful to keep them away from other soft plastics.
  14. I usually use 15lb Big Game backing for 90% of reels. Not sure if that's good or bad but it's what I do. To be fair I can't remember the every really getting down to the backing to see if it digs in or not.
  15. I keep a pair of the 3” Cuda scissors in all my fishing gear. They are relative cheap and work.