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  1. Once for me. Checked my empty cooler as well. Was happy to see it, very much in favor of more DFW around during the fall to keep people honest.
  2. MC 12:30-7:30. Got three on a talkin popper, including a 33” that almost ate the plug before it hit the water. Missed five others, first day of any consistent top water for me so still working on sticking them and inducing follow up strikes if they miss it. Guy next to me did really well on a pencil, everyone else seemed to pick schoolies. Lot of harvest unfortunately, counted 17 fish as I walked down the lineup. By slack tide it had slowed down, made a bad move, returned after sundown and missed two on bomber and needle. Felt like I could have gotten more if I stayed, but the hours of rod jerking and a pickup football game yesterday had taken their toll, so went home. Everything hurts. Still gunning for a double digit day as other have reported, we’ll see if I get there this year. December coming in hot (cold?).
  3. OC 5:30-10:30 am. Some pods of peanuts, nothing on them. Saw one bass leap out of the water maybe 200 yd out. Lower participation than I was expecting. Skunk for me.
  4. Afternoon session on OC was futile for me, no peanuts or bass in sight. Some birds dive bombing off shore. Called it early to spend some time with my friends, but very good weekend.
  5. OC this morning. Miles of happy peanuts and sad striper fishermen. Got 3 before sunrise, nothing happening right now.
  6. Went to the spot that shall not be named, got there around 5:00, ‘twas indeed a cluster. Saw one fish caught, but an awful lot of effort expended for nothing. Left after 15 minutes. Drove somewhere else. Slot fish were caught, bombers and mag darters did the trick. Crashing at my buddy’s, back at it whenever I manage to roll off the couch.
  7. 3:45-9:00, MC. Seems I was a bit late yesterday, but made it in time to see the tail end of the peanut carnage. Tried some poppers and spooks with everyone else but no bites. Walked a little ways from the crowd with a couple other guys, but still no hookups. Tried to match the hatch with a Hopkins spoon, got smashed on my 4th cast but it popped off. Sharpened my hooks as I jogged down the beach, casted into the school, sink sink sink, twitch twitch, crank crank, twitch, slammed again, AND THROUGH THE MERCY OF THE FISH GODS MANAGED TO KEEP IT ON AND LAND MY FIRST SLOT FISH. Friendly guy next to me took a pic (thanks again if you are on here), didn't get a a proper measurement because I wanted to get the fish back in the water, but it was a couple inches over the 28" tape mark on my rod, probably like 31". Feels amazing finally putting the pieces together and connecting on a nice one. Fished the rest of evening around MC, nothing else for me. Word travels fast, more people out on a cold night than I've seen. Usual guy roping dog fish on bunker chunks, but no one else that I talked to had anything after it got dark. Back at it this weekend maybe?
  8. OC dusk to dark, one tap on a storm shad. Skunk. Lots of nice soft structure where I was, someday I’ll learn how to fish it properly.
  9. NoOC, 6:45-9:00 good looking water, very fishable, no bait or mammals (other than surfers). Had confidence in storm Shads and bucktails, Got one tap on a bucktail, didn’t see anyone else get anything. Warm water kind of surprised me, forgot it’s still early. Very nice weather, might try again tonight.
  10. MoCo 6-10. Clean flat water, no wind, max humidity. Stumbled on a snapper blitz just before the sun came up, got a few on a 7/8 epoxy. Bite died soon after, started snooping around for fluke, no success. Lot of small bait everywhere I went, Just didn’t find a lot on them.
  11. First trip in a few weeks in the jersey surf this morning in MoCo. Was hoping the full moon tides and north wind would have cleaned up the water a bit, but still only like 2-3 foot vis where I was at. One robin at dawn, bupkis after that. Gorgeous weather anyway.
  12. Made it out for my first trip of 2022 this morning, MoCo 6-12. Tried to avoid the crowds at a spot that I’ve never done well at, it was packed anyway lol. High tide, light ESE wind, low water visibility, still pretty cold. Got my first of the year shortly after arriving, 23” on a cotton cordell pencil, worked it as slow as I could with correct action. Nothing else for me. Didn’t see anyone else catch anything except for two guys who caught a bunch rats and schoolies on bloodworms. Nice day out once the sun came out.
  13. MoCo this morning, front and back. Bupkis. Can confirm there were a lot of fresh dead bunker laying around, not sure why. Probably gonna be my last outing for a while. Another tough fall for me, lotta skunks, but my confidence level is only growing. Looking forward to posting some successful reports in the spring. To those still out there trying, stay warm and catch’em up, and to everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  14. Back at it driving around OC this morning, got a rat on an sp on my first cast, ended up being the curse. The guy next me to got a rat a few seconds before me (someone was saying something about how they travel in at least groups of 2), and a shad. Didn’t see anyone else hook up the rest of the day. Flat, clean, cold, water as far as the eye can see, saw birds working well off the beach a number of times, boats chasing them. Once again, lots of futile participants, on the beach.
  15. OC 4:30-9:00 flat surf cold water, lots of eager participants but not much happening. Avoided the skunk with a schoolie on my trusty blurple sp, saw one other guy hook up and loose it at the lip. gonna try again tomorrow morning.
  16. Managed to sneak away from the fam for a morning shot, NoMoCo 6-11. As reported, limited wind and rain and relatively flat surf. Very comfortable. hit a couple spots, good number of people out. Threw the blurple sp and poppers in the dark and at dawn at the first spot, nothing. 2nd spot I stumbled a mini blitz on adult bunker and peanuts. Threw a talkin popper, cordell pencil, spook, ava, bucktail, and SP, nothing. The only thing they wanted was a 5 inch bunker pattern storm shad. 4 hits, one fish landed, 26.5” for a new PB. Nothing crazy but feels good, gotta work on my picture game, I wasted time getting out my tape measure and wanted to get the fish back in the water quickly. Saw around 6 other fish caught, mostly on soft plastics or avas, similar size with maybe one keeper. Bite died a little while later as the wind started to pick up, checked out a few other spots, but didn’t see any other bait or bass.
  17. OC 5-10:30 last night I gotta story, let me set the stage. Coming off my 6th skunk in a row, I even made a desperation trip in freshwater with a buddy just to try to get a bite, to no avail. Trying to get in one last trip before family responsibilities consume the next week. Got hung up at work, wasn’t able to hit the road out of Philly until 2:30. Semi-Apocalyptic traffic, wasn’t even able to make it out of PA until 4:00. So I’m mad to begin with. Make it to the first spot around 5, moderate north west wind, very very cold, 3-4 foot sets coming in every 20 seconds or so, leaving nice white water in the trough, looking good. Start throwing a storm shad maybe 5 casts, but there’s a lot of sweep, so I decide to clip on my brand new zig zag darter if anything just to try to get a feel of how to fish it. First cast, not paying attention, cast my swivel through my top guide, it makes a horrible sound. Start burning my darter in to check on the condition of the guide, bad idea. Line just disintegrates and the wind blows my cut line into the ocean. Great. Take a look at the guide, it’s chipped, all the braid has to do is touch it and it’s cut. I walk back to my car to try to file the guide down to not cut the line, but that makes it worse. I am now questioning why the fish gods would curse me with such adversity, and I’m about to just give up and go home. But I know there’s fish to be caught, and the only option is to make the drive to a shop and pray there is someone there to fix the tip. Make it to Grumpy’s around 6:15, and I gotta give a HUGE shoutout, they had me in and out with a brand new tip guide in under 10 minutes, completely saved the trip. Now I’m energized and I know it’s gotta happen tonight. Took a drive to a different spot, walked a little ways, found a nice point, started throwing a blurple sp into the deep water south of it, and FINALLY got the season long skunk off with a 23 inch schoolie. Hallelujah. Fished the spot for a little longer, threw a bomber, bone sp, needle fish, bucktail, shad, but no other bites. Spent the next few hours driving and walking around, trying to locate a biomass, but no more luck. Didn’t see another soul fishing, saw a few friendly strangers a mile or so away at one point shining their truck lights directly into the ocean to try to try to scare the bass towards me, didn’t help. By slack tide the cold had worn me down and I called it a night. Still gunning for that multi fish session, and maybe a nicer size fish, regardless of what happens with RB biomass I’ll be trying until January. Guys at Grumpy’s are in the the camp that there’s gonna be multiple big pushes south in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed.
  18. Skunked MoCo 6-11am, flat gin clear water, no wind. Threw mainly poppers, bucktails, sp minnow. Found some peanuts at false dawn but didn’t appear to be anything on them. Checked out a few spots north after the sun was up, saw what looked like a blitz forming just down the beach, maybe a dozen birds diving on peanuts in the wash, but it quickly dispersed. Moved a little further north and didn’t see any more bait the rest of the morning. Didn’t see if anyone catch anything, one guy said he had a bunch last night. Hoping one of these days or nights I can at least see someone catch something so at least I know if I just really suck or am fishing the wrong conditions and locations lol
  19. 12:30-5:30pm Moco. Light SSW wind, medium swell, stained water, 1 foot vis improving as the day went on. Covered a lot of ground, saw maybe a dozen others out over the course of the afternoon. Didn’t see any bait, some birds were diving a few hundreds yards out for like 5 minutes around 2:00. One guy was roping dogfish on salted clams. Skunked for the 5th time in a row, new PB. Didn’t see or hear of anyone else catching. Was planning to fish into the night but it felt futile so I gave up.
  20. 4:00-9:00 tonight, started in OC but ended in MoCo. Skunked again. Threw everything, but focused mainly on bucktails and a newly acquired SS needle. Water looked great, very light wind, comfortable air temps, I was so sure it was gonna happen. Not many people out, saw a one guy unhook a rat bass at dusk, and that was it. Tough times. Back at it Sunday.
  21. As a night fishing googan (just started learning this year), does anyone actually catch in NJ on real darters (ss zig zag etc) and bottles? Everything I read online says these types of plugs only work in places like mountauk with heavy current sweep, and my only success so far has come from jigs, bucktails, and minnow plugs. Probably just don’t know what I’m doing, but I’d be interested to hear what types of environments and conditions people find bottles and darters work in NJ.
  22. 6:00-9:30 MoCo. Affirmative on the NE winds and big surf, tough conditions. Nothing on the incoming on bucktails, bombers, swim shads, and metal. The fleet is out in force, can’t tell if they are doing any better.
  23. Drove all around south MoCo this morning, 6:30-11:30. N wind, good wave action, warm water. No bait, no bites.
  24. Snooped around CMC and AC last night on the incoming tide out back. Not much going on, caught a dozen micro blues on soft plastics. No sign of bass.
  25. CMC outback last night from dusk until slack tide. Strong current and wind made it interesting, but water was remarkably clear and clean. Tons of bait, couldn't identify in the dark but either mullet or peanuts I think. Got a 21 incher on a 4 inch storm shad 2nd cast after I tied it on, bluefish killed it a few casts later. Tied on my only other shad, got smacked by what I assume was another schoolie but couldn't hook up, bluefished again a few casts later. Threw the rest of the bag, no other bites.