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  1. These are not available as there seems not to be much interest in these mint reels. Thanks for looking
  2. Sorry but will not ship. Pick up only
  3. Posting for friend Selling 2 Mint Van Staal Vs200bxp bailless reels. $ 550 each non negotiable. Must show up at my house In Roselle wearing a mask and cash on hand. They were just serviced in january at Fisherman Headquaurters for $70 bucks each and not used since. Reels are in Pristine condition First person to show up with $550 per reel will be very happy. Reels are located in Roselle, NJ
  4. Thanks to both guys for purchasing reels from my friend Vinny. As mentioned both reels were in mint condition. Put them to good use. Thank you SOL
  5. Rdiezel yes reel is still available. Give me a call so you can make arrangements with my friend Vinny
  6. Price is not negotiable Reels are bailees fishinthedark Give me a call 201-741-1823 so I can give you contact info to set up pick up time and date and payment with my friend
  7. Spoke to my friend. At this point he does not take PayPal and does not want to ship pick up at his house in Roselle with mask is the only option at this time. Will keep you guys posted if terms change
  8. Posting for friend Selling 2 van staal vs150bxp He paid 750 for them new apiece He keeps his equipment in Pristine condition and they were recently serviced at Fishermans Headquarters and are in excellent cosmetic and working order First person to show up with $525 per reel will be very happy. Reels are located in Roselle, NJ
  9. PM sent with contact info requested thanks Alex
  10. I will take the remaining one left for asking
  11. Check with jigging world
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Will meet up with you on Wed after my Monger trip
  13. Hi Rockhead i am interested in the Hybrid 20 you are selling. If you can do 175 cash picked up I will take it. Will be down your way on Wed. Let me know if that works Alex 201-741-1823
  14. Rod looks Great Billy. Does it fish as good a it looks.
  15. Have a few to choose from from 25 - 100 bucks. If you are near cranford give me a call Alex 201-741-1823