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  1. First fish... my dad took me to the lake across the street from our house on fathers days, I was 3 years old, landed a dink largemouth. First striper I was 7 years old. My grandfather had recently passed and my dad gave strict instructions that I was not to use his rods. Well, one day after school I took one of my grandfathers rods, begged my mom to drive me to a local canal here in NJ, direct tied on a black bucktail using about a dozen overhand knots, and put a purple jelly worm on the back of the bucktail. I just dropped it down and walked the wall of the canal back and forth jigging it. Suddenly I was tight. Fight of a lifetime for a kid. I put the 7’ rod between my legs and cranked away holding on for dear life, my mom had to help me get it over the fence and landed myself a nice 22” striper middle of the day. I was trembling, couldn’t believe it. Later that day we went to get my dad from the train station and I was so scared to tell him that I used the forbidden rod/reel but man was he so happy I got that striper. Nothing but smiles. I used that rod for many years to come. I still have it but it’s been long retired and inducted in the hall of fame safely tucked away in the attic.
  2. Count me in
  3. 30# easy
  4. I’m in favor of anything to help the fishery. The new rule doesn’t really apply to me since I already use circles except for the occasional snag n drop which I’ll gladly part with. My main question is how will they actually enforce this? What’s the protocol for “accidental” catches of stripers? If someone is using a BT tipped with a strip who’s to say they’re not targeting weakfish, fluke, or other species? Same applies to throwing bunker chunks for blues, worms for weakfish, clams for drum, and so on. That’s really the only loophole I see with it. I think the vast majority of anglers will abide but there’s always that percentage of people who play dumb or are legit unaware and if they challenge a summons I think it’s going to be hard to prove that they were targeting stripers since many baits carryover to other species. Hopefully that’s minimal though.
  5. Took a look from my balcony last night and saw the water made it all the way up to the dunes/boardwalk. Caught a break with work an hour ago and took a walk up — the amount of sand that was washed away is incredible. Looks like a completely different beach from two days ago. Those rocks directly in front me were 95% covered before the storm.
  6. Original plan was to head down to OC and get one last use of my annual beach pass but I slept in by accident, set the alarm for PM instead of AM . So kept it local in NoMoCo this afternoon despite my beach being infiltrated by “surfers” floating around like a bunch of ducks — and of course they were in two of my more productive holes. Gave it a solid 3 hours, covered ground, threw the bag, not even a tap. Passed a few other guys on my journey but didn’t see any action. Just one of those days. Back at it Tuesday morning.
  7. Didn’t fish today, but also found some bay anchovies washed up while walking my dog in NoMoCo.
  8. This sent me down a rabbit hole. So I’ve read everything that broken stripes indicate that they’re from the Delaware River, that they’re from Canada, that they’re hatchery-reared striped bass from the Hudson and Chesapeake, that it’s a genetic strain, that they’re a hybrid. Take your pick lol The one thing I did see is that the broken lines have also been found in California stripers which makes me think it has to be something genetic or a hybrid.
  9. NoMoCo 2-4, walked on just as the flurries were ending. Covered a new stretch. Found some smaller ones again, they were biting for the first hour or so, then it turned off.
  10. Took the dog for a walk in NoMoCo around 8:30 this morning. No boots in sight. Wind to your back, water looked good. Giving it a go this afternoon.
  11. I’m self-employed and been working from home for 5 years now. Was living in Manhattan for 6 years, just moved to MoCo last month. Condos on the water so if I find a break in my day I plan on hitting the sand.
  12. I live on the water in NJ so I keep it local to Monmouth & Ocean counties year round. My in-laws have a place in Murrells Inlet (SC), first thing I did when I got down there was buy a setup to keep at their place for when we visit — great for flounder, specks, and reds. I also have a travel rod which I bring on vacation — things been to Mexico and the Bahamas, fished the hotel beach and docks.
  13. Had a client reschedule, giving me a window to get out front. NoMoCo 1:45 - 2:45 PM. It was a lake out there, water looked good. Decided to change things up and field test a few unconventional lures which paid off immediately. Solid action for the first 20-30 minutes before the bite slowed. All smaller fish, all were in tight.
  14. Never used the Frontier, but I do own two of ODM’s other models, Genesis and DNA. I can say with absolute confidence and experience that ODM’s are great rods. I’m sure many others would agree with that.
  15. Pink has always produced for me — soft plastics, spooks, swimmers. Even got a few accidentally on epoxies. If using bait I’ve had a lot of success out back at night on sandworms or livelining snappers, mullet, and spot. Jetty, inlet side, outgoing tide is a solid bet. Boat traffic needs to be minimal though.
  16. Just walked off...NoMoCo 9:30 - 11:00. Was originally meant to be a quick 30 minute outing so I rolled the dice and ditched the waders in the truck which, in hindsight, was a mistake. Started off as an epic shadfest until about 10, then everything went quiet. Two other guys walked on around 10, both walked off by the time I left, didn’t see anything.
  17. Afternoon session out front, NoMoCo, 12:30 - 2:00. No signs of life. Been a grind lately.
  18. Looking for a fun light rod, something on the faster side, 7’ to 8’, that really shines casting 1/2oz - 1oz; will mainly be throwing epoxies, bucktails, and rubber. I want it to be my go to rod during summer here in NJ on surf/bay to target weakies, fluke, smacks, and albies/bones when they show up. Right now I’m nearly sold on the ODM DNA 7’6 Back Bay (I also own a 9’ ODM Genesis), but wanted some feedback and recommendation from others before pulling the trigger. I appreciate any insights!
  19. I’m picking up the new GoPro Hero9 since it is compact, waterproof, and has some great new features. Unlike the earlier models, the GoPro Hero9 is able to capture 20 MP pictures in addition to high quality video up to 5K. The older GoPro’s, including current and previous iPhone models, only capture 12 MP photos. As for lighting you can add the LED Light Mod which is also waterproof. Ultimately I like the versatility of being able to take both quality pictures and videos from a device that literally fits in the palm of my hand.
  20. Thanks! That was a typo on my part, I meant the Inshore.
  21. I’ve narrowed it down to either the Stradic (4K or 5K) and BG MQ (3K or 4K). Just need to see which one I like best.
  22. My ultra light summer surf setup for spanish mackerel and fluke the past two years has been a 7' St. Croix Triumph, light as a feather. Also just picked up a 7' 6" ODM DNA BackBay which will most likely serve as my new year-round go to if I plan on throwing 1/2oz - 1oz and don't need maximum distance (have a 9' ODM Genesis for that).
  23. Out front last night