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  1. seems like they have internal issues to work out.
  2. I keep my boat in the Wareham River so stop in there for tackle. I wish he opened earlier. 8:30 opening for me is a bit late. I end up going to MacOS if I need green crabs in the AM. I do like to give the local shops the business.
  3. I like the black plastic Tom Cats. Can reuse them over and over. I had them under my chicken coop. I did have to tie the trap with wire to a rock. A few times they dragged the traps.
  4. That’s the same engine I have. Very good on fuel.
  5. Don’t see many of the Albin CC. That is the engin? What year? Mine is a Albin 28 TE year 2000.
  6. Splash today. Most of the projects got done as planned.
  7. I don’t see this as a bad thing. You can’t see it. It is out of site range from land. It is out of range for many boaters. They have spaced the turbine very far apart because of a concern from the New Bedford Fleet. The staging will be in New Bedford so should help out that area
  8. I think he is installing a fa, like a bathroom fan. Not a fan box for a ceiling fan. That’s how I read this. I say cut the hole push it up. Insulation will fall you will just need to deal with it. Should be a mess but that’s expected.
  9. I thought the State had that land and were making a kayak launch there? I have parked there many times. The neighborhood across rut they are very protective. Don’t even try to park there.
  10. I need to do my zincs every spring. I am on a salt water mooring. They get eaten up. My prop does get painted. The salt water and growth make a mess of it. I use the boat a few times a week and I even get barnacles on it. All the boats at my boat yard get some type of paint on the props.
  11. Not sure if you are operating day or night. I would look into a solar set up to help keep a charge. They have nice flexible panels now that are easy to mount. May help with the battery size.
  12. Not sure of your location but there is a Wood raft on art 1 in Walpole. Very nice store.
  13. It was a drain for a 2nd floor bathroom that was added at some point in time. I took a saws all and cut out all the pvc then sistered the floor joices. Then hole saw and new pvc. A little set back. But looks like you are having this as well.
  14. Never know what you will find hidden. We bought a old farm house in Vermont for skiing. This is what we found when we started a kitchen demo. That was a WTF moment.
  15. Good to get things sured up. Looks like a project.