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  1. Thanks for the heads up @PFallon!
  2. First on a fly I tied, pretty awesome! first time out fishing on a paddleboard- looking forward to a lot more of that this year!
  3. In the last 50 hours of outings (since June), I have caught a grand total of 0 fish in the Portland area. I’ve fished pencil poppers, spooks, SP minnows, bucktails, SlugGos, paddletails, RonZs, intermediate and floating lines, gurglers, flat wings, clousers, crabs, squid flies, surf candies, shrimp, and dragon tails at all kinds of tides and times on beaches, river mouths and estuaries. The oof factor is quite high. I suppose the moral of the story is to enjoy every fish and that I’m, in fact, not more intelligent than a fish . Will keep at it for the next week or two and cross my fingers from some divine intervention to break this nasty skunk off. Be well, all!
  4. I’m off work the first week of October, had the same thought about going south for a day trip or two depending on how things are looking.
  5. The Tackle Shop on Veranda Street in Portland is a tremendous resource, definitely recommend a stop there if you are in the area.
  6. Too good. I'm a former Marine infantry guy. Amazing how much that format makes sense in all walks of life - should probably be taught in high school to everyone!
  7. Did we just get OSMEAC'd here? 'Scheme of maneuver' gave you away. . Sounds like a really good trip- enjoy!
  8. I got skunked three days in a row in the Portland area - brutal blow to the ego. Heading down for family vacation to the Connecticut side of the Long Island Sound, hoping to hit the reset button down there.
  9. I actually just watched a helpful video on YouTube about using bucktails - search YT for 'Goose Hummock bucktail' and it should pop right up. Pretty informative, there are two videos.
  10. I've been doing the online version via the app. Takes a little getting used to but good so far. Kind of thinking next year I might prefer the hard copy though...
  11. Here's one from yesterday, three more this morning. Little chillier out there today compared yesterday morning!
  12. Excellent morning of top water north of Portland today. Saw a big guy launch himself completely out of the water, so cool. 6 on a gurgler again, all about 18-21”, except one about 12”.
  13. One fish in an hour of predawn outgoing tide this morning, on a gurgler I tied. Couldn’t ask for a better way to find the first of the season! North of the Portland peninsula.
  14. After dinner trip on the rising tide last night, nothing for me but casting practice - north of Portland.