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    I think i like the fishing
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    I buy alot of fishing rods, reels and equipment. So i found this job thing that pays me money so i can go buy more stuff.

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  1. I also prefer yozuri hydro and crystal minnows over sp’s
  2. Go by the llure weight, get a whip of a rod that has a lure ratjng about 1/2 oz. greater then the lure. Use the lowest line rated line for the rod and grab a spinfisher vi long cast of appropriate saze for the rod
  3. I was only fishing jones beach field 6 and robert mosses field 5 (once at captree but that doesn’t count, pretty much back bay) with it just sandy beaches, nothing crazy. As soon as i heard it making noise while cranking I craked it open. Took photo’s and whammo, this post.
  4. In my car ready to rock n roll. Shipping after i get off work. Front screw was a little more then finger tight rear screw was a little toghter peephole screw was the tightest. Robert asked the same thing. Pretty sure he wants to know what happened as well. They’re tight now, but i took the plate off and then put it back on. but i still have the reel any special requests before i send it off? i didn’t clean it even though I’m sure i have better equipment to do that at the multi million dollar jewelry production facility i work at. I want him to be able to figure out what happened.
  5. The 6+ month wait and extra $400 was kind of off putting for me. Nice looking reels though
  6. Definitely wasn’t surprised. And the mega expensive equipment is the stuff that prides it self on being waterproof not water resistant. Right now mine has the water proofing of a pasta strainer. Robert said I’d get it back perfect, and i believe him.
  7. No, you pissed me off because you pretty much said i was crazy for buying a new reel and your not making any meaningful contributions to this thread. That reel is awesome, i could fish it now, i could also clean it an regrease it. But I’m using the service that i paid for instead and I’m sendind it in.
  8. So far i got half of what i paid for, an untested reel (that i like) now is the time for the unparalleled service and support to kick in which i also paid for. Got e-mailed by robert twice on thanksgiving and I’m sending in today. The other half of the investment seems to going good so far.
  9. No because he called me crazy for not doing the same as him. Not buying a new reel, did you read his post or only my response.
  10. I’m sending it in to visser. No roughnes super smooth.
  11. Your right. i’m going to return it, become right handed, buy a van staal, start theowing diamond jigs and not catch fish like everyone else. you didn’t buy the first run of reels, I did as well as several others. please take your useless opinion away from this thread and go troll somewhere else. Your comments are literally insulting me and other people who have this reel and your pissing me off.
  12. I deliberately didn’t @scoobydoo because it a holiday. I know how to do that, I have done it alot in reference to this reel
  13. Nope that wasn’t me to dm you on instagram. But close enough I joined this forum because of you visser posts i found while researching a reel. Basically the same thing. i like my visser No.5. Like, alot. I want it fixed and I want it back. paying $600 for a reel sucks. Paying $20 to get my reel fixed isn’t that big of a deal to me I have like 10 other ones i can fish with.
  14. 6000 is too big for my style of fishing amd the 4000 has machining issues that can potentially compromise the seal when switched to right hand return. So i veered away from it.