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    I think i like the fishing
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    I buy alot of fishing rods, reels and equipment. So i found this job thing that pays me money so i can go buy more stuff.

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  1. I love my diawa ardito travel rod (fugi aluminum oxide guides) 7ft Medium heavy 1/4-1oz.
  2. They seem to weight alot too
  3. In
  4. Thanks for the input everyone, I kep he question vague deliberately as I’m no sure if a kayak is the direction I want to go. I already know if I were to get a kayak it will be a colossal pain in the butt (i live in brooklyn) i’m driving down to wilmington, NC right now and the lodge I’m staying at has a kayak rental place next to it $80 2 rods one day. So I’m probably going to try out yakin for a day and try to get an idea if this is something that i want to so or not. My thinking is this: if i rent a kayak and at the end of day my only complaint is comfort, I’m probably going to like it. If I have a laundry list of complaints well, maybe it’s not for me. So we’ll see how i goes.
  5. First, I know next to nothing about kayaks. i’ve been interested in kayak fishing for a few years now and have been browsing he selection online recently. now my quesion: does the overall length of a kayak affect it’s “seawortyness” or is it more of like a marketing thing. I’m looking at an oldtown 10foot pedal drive, which seems smackdab in the middle of lengths they offer. anything shorter seems to be named after feshwater applications. While anything longer is named after saltwater applications like thee is a 12 or 13 footer named the salty and an even longer one named the big water. does the overall length of a kayak impact where you can take it?
  6. It’s a clouser minnow minus the eyeballs, thats all it is
  7. Ha ha, I entertained the thought of buying a flyrod this year. So i went to the sage website to look at rods since it’s he only brand I know of. Immediately changes my mind when i looked at the price
  8. Nope, that was probably at a NJ or company level. I wish my company would do that. I have to heat tge stuff up beyond it’s melting point and gas form cadmium is fatal. I literally hate it.
  9. Sadly, cadmium has not been outlawed by the EPA. I have to use the garbage on a regular basis when soldering rosegold. There are about 11 states that have restricted it’s use in childrens jewelry. But that about it
  10. Look into nickel, cadmium is a sacrifical plating. Nickel provides corrosion and wear resistance. It’s also much less nasty
  11. I bet it started in the tavern!!!
  12. I really don’t see why it wouldn’t work. 9 times out of 10. If I’m throwing a teaser, it’s a glass minnow with a diamond jig. The glass minnow is just as long if not longer then the diamond jig. The diamond jig does have a wider profile but not by much. I kind of treat the diamond jig as a lead weight, i do leave the hook on it but it rarely gets hit.
  13. Lol my PB striper was caught on a PENN fierce and a $100 15 year old wright mcgill salmon rod. now i have A $1000+ surf rod setup and I think the biggest striper I’ve had on that was like 15 lbs. I mean, the fancy stuff makes a huge difference. Like a 25lb difference…. But my rod is red.