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  1. i may have to try night fishing in the spring. i think that would be an easier pass for me to get consistently. sleep is over rated anyway...
  2. you guys make it sound so easy! maybe one day it will be that easy for me but thats gonna be a few years away. the lady is good about letting me go fishing but its never as often as id like which is more a testament to me wanting to go fishing than my wife being difficult.
  3. thats great to hear. heading out to mattituck for a couple of days. hoping to get a chance to wet a line while there. when i told my wife i was gonna bring a rod she gave me the stink eye but it wasnt a clear no so i think im good to go.
  4. Thank you! As long as it doesn’t offend anyone, if you come across the parking lot pdf I would appreciate it very much. It wouldn’t be for me to circulate. Just to use strategically when my wife gives me the hall pass to get away for 3-4 hours.
  5. For the winter most of your flies should be sub surface so you’re talking nymphs. Stick with beadhead and non beadhead pheasant tail nymphs sizes 14-18. You’ll catch trout with those flies anywhere in the world. Start there and then branch out.
  6. That’s a nice elegant solution to the rinsing issue. Thank you. I’d probably just keep it to my salty 6wt. What kind of flies do you use for herring? I’m digging the idea for perch with little shrimp flies. I’m guessing that would pretty much work for most if not all fish. And since I can’t help myself small baitfish patterns.
  7. That’s great. I’m gonna have to start doing some map work and see if I can find some interesting spots. Thanks for the help.
  8. Shoot. Looks like the season ends 12/15 for nyc. Does the season still apply if I’m all catch and release with no intent to keep? The only regs I can find are in relation to the gwb. Do the south of gwb regs apply to Nassau and Suffolk county as well? Or do they have their own regs? I tried looking for Nassau and Suffolk county striper regs but couldn’t find them.
  9. Thank you chuck! Appreciate the encouragement. One of these nice days I’m gonna have to do some recon. I love winter fishing in general so this should be right up my alley. Normally I’m trout fishing dec-mar but to be able to get some salt water in would be great when I have a few hours to burn. Throwing clousers and baitfish flies normally?
  10. Ha! Apparently my first message asking for winter tips was funny enuff that it passed the joke test??? Appreciate the tips...I’ll see what searches turn up. I wouldn’t wear heavy waders on a jetty. I have the patagonia ultralight waders that I normally wear with really lightweight wading sandals that are easy to flip off with one hand. Wouldn’t be wearing heavy wading boots. That being said wearing a pfd would probably be a good idea considering that I’d most likely be fishing by myself.
  11. Hi. New here. Live in nyc and relatively new to Flyfishing salt in the northeast. Was wondering if anyone fly fishes the salt in the winter. If so, what’s usually available? Any resident stripers around all winter? Any tips for places to be able to go wet a line for a couple of hours on a nice day? I have waders and a stripping bucket so getting in the water isnt a big deal but I’d prefer to do it from a jetty or something and not have to get all geared up with waders and boots only to have to try and rinse them off in my apartment bathtub afterwards. My wife would go absolutely bananas if I did that. Thanks in advance!