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  1. The torque 5 is the only higher end spinning reel I’ve ever fished. It’s heavy compared to my other spinning reels. Is the torque “heavy” compared to the comparable van staals, zees, and saltigas etc? Or are the higher end reels heavier because of their components?
  2. Great deal!
  3. I’ve used my torque 5 pretty sparingly but fortunately I haven’t experienced the nut and bolt issues you’ve talked about. My only complaint with the reel would be that it’s a little stiff to reel. I understand this is because of the seals the use to keep the water out. The weird thing is I don’t seem to notice the stiffer reeling when fighting a fish.
  4. I own a torque 5 first generation and wanted to find out what are the significant differences compared to the new models if any. Thanks