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  1. Building out my first outfit for a river trip out West this Aug mostly targeting cutthroat. Looking at the Echo Carbon XL or Redington Classic Trout sseries to give a sense of where my head/budget is at if I decide to go new. I know the Clearwaters seem to be a popular option for beginners but at $180-$250+ tax brand new for some of these options I figure it's worth seeing what's out there in the collective SOL BST garage first. Whatever rod I choose will be paired with a Hydros SL II which I believe would be on the lighter side of reels to pair with a 5wt.
  2. Any interest in old genesis 3/4-4 10 foot?
  3. I have a mint 8'0" ML St. Croix Tidemaster 1/8-1/2. If interested in that rod at all could talk about what additional item/cash I'd have to add in your favor. (Have plugs or plug blanks I could add on.) Also have a mint 9'0" M St. Croix Avid Salmon/Steelhead in a casting model 1/4-3/4. Nice parabolic flex but fast recovery and not a noodle. Same color, ,build quality, and blank sensitivity as the gray freshwater Avids. Could probably do 1:1 trade for that one if interested as it retails for around the same price as the avid inshores. It is a 2 piece rod. Lemme know if any of this interests you, thanks!
  4. Anything you might be looking for trades wise ? I’m local
  5. lol what was dumb about that?
  6. Seconds @ $200 please if for whatever reason deal falls thru
  7. Interesting (I actually did read it all). I wasn’t aware of the tipping point with buy-in from the head ghouls at large banks. The progression you described definitely reminds me of how some of the same logos figured out how to shut down the Occupy movement… all at once about 10 years ago many major corporations became increasingly vocally supportive of “progressive” causes… this is how we got to rainbow floats in the LGBTQ+++ parade sponsored by Bank of America . Occupy was the last notable moment of class solidarity… as an elite in the West YOU CANT HAVE THAT… the race war is the basis for divide in conquer in the US which also explains a lot of what we’ve been focused on in the last decade.
  8. At some point it may unfortunately make sense if there’s a large enough population of millennials who are smart enough to land a corporate job but too stupid to see through the extortionist nature of ESG (That’s a lot of people). I’m a millennial so I can see it.
  9. Let’s see how much longer till we get this booted to PG… or better yet straight to the Outpost now that would be an achievement!
  10. ESG version of what? A product management strategy?
  11. Klaus Schwab also refers to it quite regularly, or at least alludes to the concept when he’s blathering about “Governance 4.0” … relates back to 4th industrial revolution stuff they started pushing a few cycles back. The long and short of it is: these people want you and your family dead… they will do the best they can to extract greater and greater output from fewer and fewer people (Human Resources) until their automated utopian vision for the technocrat elitist future is realized… why do you think the pop culture of the 1950s/60s was pro family and todays pop culture is anti family? “They” no longer need the factory workers lol
  12. Musk has probably been closer to the government than we'd like in a lot of uncomfortable ways... aerosspace = defense afterall...
  13. The left bias on social media comes more from their advertising clients than from the political leanings of tech employees... corporate america's marketing dept's ensure "the brand" remains constant compliance with the latest social demand (BLM, stand with ukraine, blah blah) ... the social media co's censoring content has always been about meeting such corporate clients demanding brand safe space for targeted ads.
  14. If elon was ever privileged enough to be in the "club" he is definitely no longer a member