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  1. Thanks for the reply. No worries, don't need it that badly. I am in Hoboken every now and then so if it's still available next time I plan to be there I might respond again here. GLWS in the mean time.
  2. ever around the jersey shore area?
  3. "PBS" is just a media front for a different 3 letter organization
  4. Google “jnj skin peeling reaction”.. guy in Virginia. One guy... astra Zeneca coverage was probably also a Pfizer hit job
  5. Native ads are key service offering “news” outlets provide for clients. The JNJ “story” is an an example of a purchase of one of these service offerings.
  6. oh it's big brain time
  7. How much did Pfizer spend on the JNJ vaccine edge case skin reaction hysteria?
  8. Nice advertising buy by Pfizer with all the spotlight on the JNJ vaccine skin reaction. Wonder how much that cost.. kudos to the marketing guys at Pfizer.
  9. "Slow Ride" 4 consecutive times
  10. Just made this mod to a few saltwater minnows.. went with an inline mustad ultra point on a split ring for the front hook and VMC siwash direct to lure on the tail. Tail hook is about 2 sizes smaller than the front to preserve the action.
  11. It's evolving into a bass!
  12. I don't follow his stuff that much so idk what goes on behind the scenes. I like Crowder and probably agree with him on a lot of stuff but he's a little one dimensional with the frat bro schtick brand of conservatism
  13. Yeah the network is doing pretty well. I'm not subscribed but I'm always playing something from youtube in the background. He just lost his co-host to Steven Crowder so I guess he is looking for someone at the moment. He is still on twitter semi-anonymously @CompoundBoss
  14. It would be funny if Anthony Cumia got reparations
  15. I'm buying stock in Cadillac