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  1. FYI.. Bob Eakes, owner of RDT, passed away yesterday or this morning.
  2. One of my favorites, ambrosia maple.
  3. Botetourt County, Virginia about 30 min NW of Roanoke. Foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  4. Ya it gave him all he wanted and more! I had to jump and and help him hold on to the rod or it would have gone into the drink. Not sure on the weight but it was 23” long. Ate good last night!
  5. Took two of the three kids on a 6 hour trip yesterday. Got on some sheepshead, flounder etc.. Had a good time and the Capt was great with the kiddos. Was hoping for some reds too but a recent cold front had them broken up and we couldn’t find ‘em.
  6. Hognose snapper sautéed in butter, with salt and pepper along with some scallops.
  7. Finally got a full tank. Station on Topsail across from the IGA limited everyone to $20. That got me off the island to the Harris Teeter in Hampstead where I was able to fill up the rest of the way. They were the only two that had gas, out of five, that I saw. Now the wife can worry about something else...
  8. We have been in South Topsail since Sunday and there is no gas to be had on the island or the 4 spots I checked on the mainland. Fuel light just came on this afternoon so I have about 60 miles left to find some gas. We aren’t due to go back home till the 23rd so we will just put it in park for a week or so. I do have charter to go after some reds with the kids I’d like to make next Wednesday though.
  9. Nice work!!
  10. Gray, Interesting that you are looking at the 324, I’m buying one from a friend later this week. He bought it new in 2018 with the loader and has only put 84 hours on it. I’m getting it, box blade and scraper blade for $12k as he is looking to unload it ASAP. Wish it had the BH attachment but I may get that later. I need to get a quick disconnect pallet fork attachment for moving lumber and a bush hog. You getting any attachments with you deal? That 0% is a nice deal that’s hard to pass up.
  11. From what I just read they are a player in the weed sector via their soil, nutrient, hydroponic, and lighting systems. Wouldn’t be surprised to see weed become legal in the U.S. this year. If you have no reason to sell, I would hold. Can always set a stop loss to secure your profit.
  12. Wishing you a speedy recovery SIM!
  13. Made Pizzelle’s with my girls today.