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  1. I’d offer $100 for the xplorer
  2. Awesome thanks
  3. I’m looking for hickeys not jagets but how much would you want for the two metal lips
  4. Looking to trade this new commander for a blind 2 hook commander
  5. Bump
  6. Looks like eBay has some yellow samurai 1500yds only 20 and 30lb though. Not sure what test you’re looking for
  7. Yes I have green, I’ll send you a picture of it on my reel it’s been on there most of the season
  8. I exclusively use samurai and love it. Much better than powerpro in my opinion. My only complaint with samurai is the price
  9. Seconds
  10. Looking for pikies or slims…bullet is new, ditch witch thrown but in great shape
  11. What are you looking for? I’m assuming franktown, cv, Pm lol. If that’s the case I only have a couple of each and am not willing to trade them at the moment. If you’re interested in anything else let me know I might have something you’re looking for
  12. Bump
  13. Mainly looking for pikies, slims, trollers but open to everything
  14. Seconds