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  1. Will you split? I’m interested in the top one
  2. That’s fine with me just send a few pics when you get a chance. Thanks
  3. I was thinking $60
  4. Wtb beachmaster darters in white, yellow, yellow/white, black or blurple, BLock island green
  5. I think it’s a little over 3 ounces
  6. Thanks for the offer but I’m really looking for one of Mike’s pikies
  7. Would you do your pikie and cash on top?
  8. Other than more mikes I’ve been looking for franktowns, or do you have any more ccw besides the dp3?
  9. I’ll take number 1
  10. I’m definitely interested in the pikie.. do you have anything other than the ccw that you’d add on?
  11. I appreciate the offer but I really want at least one pikie
  12. I think 2 for one is fair considering what these trollers go for
  13. Sounds good, thanks
  14. WTT cv deep diving troller for mikes, mainly looking for pikies. Troller has been casted a few times but is in great shape, no fish caught on it