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  1. Looking for a used truck to fish OBX a couple times a year. Like the front mounted rod/cooler racks but heard you shouldn’t carry rods in it on the road. Anyone keep their big rods rigged secured to a rooftop carrier on a p/u while running up and down the road looking for the hot ramp? My group stays in Avon but may fish from Oregon inlet to ocracoke Thanks
  2. Cut small X just big enough for whatever weight to slip in. Started wrapping a layer of duct tape around the ball and like how that works
  3. Since I am really just learning proper technique keeping it turned all the way in
  4. I have read more than once that remington gun oil is very good for high speed bearings
  5. I switched to the low profile knob which has a + and a- symbol. Is that what you are asking?
  6. Would that be similar to casting into a headwind? Yeah I have full mag on a penn fathom II
  7. Headed to OBX surf fishing for the first time in years and started practice casting with an 8oz inside a tennis ball. I’m thinking I might gain a few yards with 8nbait Anyone have any experience with any gains doing this? TIA
  8. .Not sure if this is the right place or not but looking for tips on catching and keeping threadfin shad for live baiting stripers. I know about using a quality bait tank, 1 cup rock salt per 10 gal. and some type of bait saver. Will be attempting to catch bait either visually or by depih finder. Any tips or resources will be appreciated.
  9. Have a new C3 6501 w/o box or papers for 120 shipped
  10. Thanks for all the replies, got what I need for now.
  11. I threw the cts a couple times. I haven't surf fished in years and need to work on proper form and technique and just learning about how different heavers perform. Is the ccp a slower action and more of a "C" curve when loaded?
  12. Not looking for anything with the levelwind, sorry should have been more specific
  13. Not looking for anything larger than a 20h but thanks
  14. Just aquired 2 surf rods that need reels... CTS 1305 and gen2 CCP 8-12oz for bait fishing the OBX.
  15. Are the ones from the UK different from the ones sold here in the US? From the description I saw, the UK version was solid black but the specs. seemed the same.